The Red Pepper

I have found, that in parenting, there are easy phases and hard phases. Right now, we are encountering a bit of a challenging phase. Geddy is approaching 2 years old and is right on time with tantrums and great frustration. But I want to declare that he is a really good little dude and he deserves to be declared as such.

Geddy has become incredibly attached to Chad. Chad has to put him down for bedtime and Chad needs to comfort him when he is injured and when Chad is home, he has a jabbering toddler following him like a shadow. Truthfully, I am okay with this. Frankly, I feel the same thing that Geddy does about Chad, we really really really like the guy. But it is hard when I try and take him to bed and he just slaps my face over and over again. ***Sigh***

My Little Dude and I are working through the tantrums and the frustration. Often times, I find myself thinking "I am technically in charge here but have NO idea what to do about this" but I am learning and am trying to be guided by the spirit and my Mother's Intuition. 

Today, Geddy has been so sweet though. I think he is starting to get a little cold which includes a runny nose but he has been a really good boy. Mondays are our grocery shopping days so we spend much of the morning running errands. Sometimes, this is really hard for him. He is such an active individual that being pent up in a carseat or shopping cart is almost unbearable. But today, he was so zen about the whole thing. 

Something that you need to know about Geddy is his passion for apples. If he sees an apple in a book or in the fridge he exclaims "Apple!". He doesn't really eat them much but he loves to carry them around. I don't know what it is specifically about apples but he just truly loves them (he knows other fruits but doesn't really exclaim when he sees them). 

While at the grocery story today, he saw a red pepper. Now, Geddy swears that red peppers are apples. We have had this discussion many times that those red veggies are in fact not apples but he refuses to believe it. When he sees red peppers, he gets SO excited. It's been happening for weeks now and he begs to hold one of those red pepper "apples". Usually, I will distract him with something else or just walk away because I know that when we get to check out, he will be so mad when I don't let him take it home with us.

Today was different though. I have felt saddened and tired by the "fights" he and I have been having lately and I thought "I am going to pick my battles today and this is not one I am willing to fight". So, I happily handed him a beautiful red pepper and his face lit up. At check out, I let the lady know that she needed to charge me for a wonderful red pepper and she added it without having to take it from my little dude's grasp. He was delighted in the car telling me all about his "apple" (I couldn't understand anything he was saying except for "apple" over and over again). 

It was a wonderful experience and one that I knew I wanted to write down. I clearly understand the importance on not being a push over but every once in a while, when that innocent little boy begs for a red pepper, by golly I am going to let him win. He deserves a win sometimes.

He loves his "apple".

It's nap time now and the house is quiet and I just looked in the fridge to see a single, slightly bruised, red pepper sitting on the shelf and it makes me smile. 

Don't mind my dirty fridge.

I love my son with all my heart. I would truly take a bullet for him and he is teaching me to be a better human being. I pray that I am not messing him up.

Happy Monday,


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Haley said...

You are such a cute mommy. Sometimes I find myself saying "no" almost out of habit. Good for you for saying YES. I love that Geddy is obsessed with apples. Kids are so funny. I wish I could hear his little sweet voice talking.