Traditionnnnnnn, Tradition!

***First of all, the title is suppose to be from the song in Fiddler on the Roof. If you didn't read it that way, you need to go back and reread it like the song. Do it. 

So, it's Christmas time, duh. And we, like many of you, are pretty pumped. This is certainly the most wonderful time of the year in my book (with spring/fall being a close second).

Since we live in an apartment with a rowdy toddler, we don't have a legitimate Christmas tree up. We just don't have the space and Geddy would, lovingly, destroy the thing so, we skipped it again this year.

Like last year, I still want to decorate and be festive so I took things into my own hands. Using parchment paper (because I am cheap like that), I have constructed a Christmas tree to put on our wall (out of reach of the little one, of course). It's actually been super fun for me to do the last two years and hope to make it a tradition forever, even when we have a big festive tree. Also, interesting thought, Chad and I are not "Living Christmas Tree" kind of people. I am all about fake trees. That's what I had growing up and Chad hates the idea of killing a tree just to have it in our home for a few weeks. So, we will be fake tree people!

This is how we get festive!

I tried to do a bit of a different style of tree and a little garland that says "Fa La La La La" which I thought was a fun idea. Chad thought it was cute and I feel like it makes our place seem a little bit more festive. It is just paper and string hung with tape but, oh well!

The presents I had to wrap so Chad couldn't read anymore of his books! So naughty.
Our sweet but simple tree.

Chad and I have been married for 6 years and have been so lucky to always have family close. We love the traditions that we have with both sides but have been eager to also incorporate some traditions for just our little family, as well. Here are some ideas that we have and hopefully, writing them down will make them stay alive.

1. Make a Christmas Tree out of Paper-- Wether it just be in our kid's room or some other random corner in our house, I always want to have a fun themed paper tree. Even when we have a big fancy tree, I want to have a little paper one that we make by hand (with the kid's help, when they're old enough) to remind us where we started.

2. Read Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory-- It's a beautiful story and has such a wonderful message. A great one for this time of year!

3. Choose a lego "Scene" to put together on Christmas Night-- This is a new tradition. We bought this "Hobbit Scene" that we are eagerly looking forward to putting together on Christmas night and hope to make it a tradition for our kids to do with us too. I actually wanted this lego set last year for myself but never got it. I like the idea of having something fun for the family to do once the excitement of Christmas is over. Plus, it's The Hobbit so...duh.

4. Read the Prophets Christmas thoughts-- this year, we were given a little pamphlet from our Bishop that had a Christmas message from each of the Prophets and we read one each day. It was such a treat and it really reminded us about what Christmas really mean and entails and most of all, why we celebrate it. It's about our Savior's Birth and should be about focusing on others.

5. Order Christmas one movie-- Chad and I are "collectors" which is kind of bad for our bank account but we love to have things that remind us of being little (we try and lean away from the hoarding status, ha, jokes). We don't really own any Christmas movies but we both have lots of favorites so this year, we ordered Home Alone. Does that not SCREAM Christmas to you? It totally does to me. "Look what you did you little jerk". I mean, come on! We are excited, I can't wait until we get Muppets Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life in the future. Oh, the Christmas spirit!

Those are some of our Christmas ideas, I hope that we are diligent and continue to make them a tradition that our little ones will grow up loving.

Happy Monday!



Haley said...

I love your Christmas tree, Hil! That is really cute. I especially love the red lights! Also, I love your idea for having an activity to do together on Christmas evening. I always get kinda sad on Christmas night, so I think it's smart to have something fun to do together.

Jenna Christensen said...

I came for the Fiddler on the Roof reference and stayed for the Lego idea.