Ladylike Shoes

It's naptime and I am sitting in my living room, completley blown away by the lingering smell of a dirty diaper. I changed Geddy a while ago but the smell just lingers. Goodness sakes, it's like he is turning into a man!

Anywho. Today we are talking about shoes because...I can! Specifically about heels. I love wearing heels. I have from the get go, wearing my Mom's pumps around the house all day when I was little. I am 5'9" but I don't shy away from a tall shoe. While wearing heels, I am super tall but life is too short to worry about being too tall! Tall is awesome!

What I am usually drawn to, a platform wedge.

Generally, I lean towards a platform wedge, like the ones pictured above. They're clunky but wedges are easier to walk in and a lot more comfortable. I still love a good clunky wedge but lately, I have been loving a more dainty/delicate heel. Something less clunky than the usual platform wedge. A shoe that is feminine and will look great with both pencil skirts or flowy, Summer, dresses. Not practical enough to chase children around the house but beautiful enough that you don't care and buy them anyway :) Here are the ones I spotted on Pinterest and thought they were notable.

That color! So pretty for Summer. 
These are so sleek and ladylike. Very versatile!
The beading is breathtaking! 

Happy Tuesday and Shoe Dreaming!


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Haley said...

Ooo, those beaded ones are so pretty! I don't know where I'd ever wear a shoe like that, but man those are beautiful.