First off, yesterday was our wonderful lady pup's Birthday. Our dear little Bobbie Dylan turned 6 years old. And we hope there are many long years in her life. What an absolute gift she is. Happy Birthday!

Lounging Pup

Next up. I have been absent for a looooong time. Ugh. I know. It's pitiful. We just got back from house sitting and dog sitting and are now falling back into our day to day routine which I appreciate. It's the Olson side of me: structure, routine, predictability. It does that part of my soul good.

We are doing really well. Chad is still working full time and going to school (like a champ, what a man). Geddy is absolutely wonderful and charming but sassy. I don't know where he gets the sass from...;)

Here is what I have been up to lately!

Reading: I just started reading Stacy London's book "The Truth About Style" and am really loving it. I started it yesterday and am already half way through because it's a quick read (and there are pictures)! I was pleasantly surprised because it's not just a surface level book that talks about being skinny and stylish and being perfect, it's much better. She talks about personal issues and mental and body issues that many women have. She is a big advocate about accepting your body shape and what you naturally have. It's good! I really love the way she thinks about the connection of expressing yourself by the way your dress and how the way you appear is a reflection of yourself. Good stuff. If you feel any insecurities about dressing or developing a style, this is a great book to start with.

Watching: I have kind of run out of things to watch. I finished watching "Dance Moms". It's a reality show about a competitive dance team (the girls are about 10 years old) and the Mom's and the Dance teacher fight the whole time. It's oddly entertaining. Not great quality television but fascinating none the less. I've also been re-watching Conference Talks each day. It's been one of my favorite things to do each morning before I start my day. It makes for a better day!

Thinking About: The fact that I actually cleaned the inside of my fridge and freezer today was pretty awesome. It was really scary looking but I finally had enough and scrubbed it clean. Why can't refrigerators clean themselves? Not my favorite chore. I've also been thinking about changing my hair. I have grown a little attached to my longer locks which is a major red flag to me. I have always been against using hair as a crutch or a security blanket and ultimately, I am ready for a change. It's a new year and I am ready for a fresh cut to go with it.

Eating: Chad and I have been obsessed with hummus and fresh veggies. It's been sooo satisfying. I've stopped eating after 7:00pm (except on DND nights). And I have been drinking a lot more water. It's kind of part of my New Years resolution. I am sleeping a lot better because I am not eating late and my skin is looking much better from the water. It's been some really good changes!

Loving: Dejunking and simplifying. With my recent struggles with anxiety, I have tried focusing on what is important. I've been trying to do a lot of scripture reading and praying and trying to be in touch with myself. Geddy and Chad are my anchors, we keep each other grounded and find laughter when things get hard in life. I am so grateful for those boys in my life. What a blessing. I have also been cleaning out my closet and removing things that were just taking up space. I am a hoarder when it comes to clothes. I will keep clothes for YEARSSSSSS. Even if they don't fit the same or aren't my favorite, I always think "I will find something to wear with this" and then I never do, of course. It's felt great to free up more space. And when I purchase new things, I am trying to stick with quality rather than quantity. Find classic pieces that will last longer and that won't suddenly be out of style in one season.

There you have it! That's been me lately. I am really hoping to write more frequently again. I just need to get in a routine!

Happiest of Mondays!


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Sarah Schwieger said...

Yay! Glad you're back! :)