Terrificly Two (Crazy Amount Of Pictures)

You may think I have died. Well, I haven't. We have been housesitting/dogsitting for over a week and will be here a bit longer. It's a beautiful home up in the mountains and so the service isn't the fastest. It's also been chaos. 4 dogs, 2 puppies and a two year old. EXHAUSTING. But, it's all working out :)

ANYWHO. While we were up here, we got to celebrate Geddy's 2nd Birthday. This was such a big deal to me. Last year, I hate to say it, we completely flopped for Geddy's Birthday. We kept scheduling plans to celebrate and than people would have to cancel last minute so I was worried it would be the same this year. So, Chad and I did everything we could to make his day SUPER! (Granted, he probably won't even remember.)

To start off, we wanted to decorate so it looked nice. As I mentioned, we stayed in a beautiful home (no, we didn't move) so the surroundings may look different. The night before, I put up streamers on the door where Geddy is sleeping so when he woke up, he could walk through them. He thought it was kinda cool. I also put up our Happy Birthday Banner. It made it a bit special. 

Going through the Birthday Threshold!
He thought it was pretty cool.

After that, we went downstairs and ate Breakfast. It wasn't anything fancy but he did get to watch a movie while he ate it. That's what you do on Birthdays!

Birthday Breakfast while watching a movie.

After a tasty breakfast, we sang Happy Birthday and opened presents. Geddy got some new clothes (his current wardrobe is getting a bit small), a puzzle, play-doh, lantern and a push thingy. I don't know what they are called.

Opening his first gift. Don't get excited, it was just clothes.
2 year old hands opening presents.
The fun puzzle he got!
And play-doh.
A fun lantern. He LOVES lanterns and flashlights.
I didn't know how to wrap this one so I just made a big bow for it. This is
the "push-thingy".

After presents and playing with toys, Geddy napped. It wasn't a long enough nap because when he awoke, he was really grumpy. We got him all packed up and headed to Chuck E. Cheese. So, he may have been a little young to fully enjoy Chuck E. Cheese but we thought we would give it a go anyway. It was a very intense experience. Remember that Geddy was already pretty wiped out, I think he was tired from all the fun he already had. He loved it. All the big toys and flashing lights. The face below PERFECTLY shows what he was feeling. Excitement but a little weepy because it was also super stimulating and overwhelming.

This depicts his feelings about Chuck E. Cheese. Equally exited and shocked but utterly overwhelmed.

So, I bought tokens for him (40 tokens actually, why did I buy so many?!). He loved the car rides. Anything that was a car or train was what he wanted to sit on. The thing was, he hated it when the ride moved at all. Every time we tried using a token, he would get upset and immediately want to get off of the ride. Haha. So, we spent the rest of the time just sitting in different cars and walking around. He was quite fascinated by the singing robots. You know, the ones that play music and sing songs.

Geddy would get upset when he saw any other kids on the car rides. Such a funny boy.

He loved all the cars.
Large trashy truck was his favorite. 

We also ate pizza and drank soda pop. After an extremely stimulating time at Chuck E. Cheese, we headed home. It was pretty late so I didn't have time to make a cake. Instead, we picked up Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes (not at all disappointing). We grabbed two candles and sang Happy Birthday again.

Birthday cupcake!
He didn't know what to do with it.

Geddy didn't exactly know what to do with the pretty cupcake so he just kept looking at it. I broke it in half and that helped a little. He loved it. I also made him eat a few strawberries with it too because he hadn't eaten healthy at all that day. Gotta sneak those fruits and veggies in!

After a cupcake and strawberries, we got in the tub and got ready for bed. The picture below perfectly depicts how we all felt by the end of this busy but wonderful Birthday. Geddy slept like a rock that night. I believe he slept from 7:15 unti 9:00 the next morning. Not a peep!

Perfectly depicts how exhausted we all were by the end of this day. 

To close, I would like to write a letter to my Little Dude.

Dear Geddy,

You have been on this earth for two years now. What a glorious two years it has been. I have seen you grow and learn new things everyday. But not only YOU have been learning. I have grown more in these two years and learned so much about myself, just by being with you. You've made me a better person.

I want you to know, my dearest little dude, that I wake every morning thinking of you. I go to bed every night thinking of you. I pray each day, thanking the Lord for you and the opportunity I have to be your Mama. Your Dad works really hard so that I can stay home and be with you each day. It's important to us and you are our priority. Our absolute priority.

Right now, your Daddy is your best friend. You want him to hold you and comfort you when you get hurt. You want him to give you a bath. Although I know you love and need me too, you look for Daddy in all the things you do. Your Father loves you so unconditionally. He puts all things aside when he is home with you. You're the twinkle in his eye.

I hope that we can teach you all the things you need to learn. Most of all though, I hope and pray so fervently, that you will know how loved you are and know that your Mother and Father are reliable. We are here for you, always.

You have saved me so many times, without evening knowing it.

With all my love for my precious Little Dude,


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Haley said...

Happy birthday, Geddy! Those photos you captured are so telling. My favorite is the very last picture where Geddy is so tired. That's how I feel (and probably look) and the end of each day. :) You and Chad did a wonderful job of making Geddy's day special! He's a lucky boy to have you two.