Avatar: The Legend of Korra (First Season) Review

To begin, I am COMPLETELY shocked that I never did a review on Avatar: The Last Airbender (cartoon, not movie, just want to make sure no one is confused). Chad and I are huge fans of that cartoon, it's AMAZING. We actually owned them before we even had Geddy because we're cool like that. Seriously, the story is amazing for adults but also captivating for children. I can't wait for Geddy to be able to enjoy them.

So bueno.

So, now that we have set in stone that I am a massive fan of the first series, let's discuss the newest/sequel story, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I was excited to start the new series but was also slightly hesitant because could it really be better or as good as the original tale? I was cynical but really tried to stay open minded.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Starting off, I could tell it was for a slightly older audience. Not because it was at all inappropriate but because the story line was more complex and it could be a little boring for a younger audience. That's just my perception on it. I think that they tried to make the sequel interesting for the original watchers of the first season (who have gotten older)? Just a guess.

Also, Korra is older than Ang was and so it's more about a teenager than a kid.  I was also nervous about how they would portray Korra: would she be whiney? possibly more helpless? I was SO hopeful that she wouldn't and was pretty pleased with how she turned out. She took on her responsibility as the Avatar but still made innocent mistakes because she is still learning. That makes total sense to me though.

The first half of the first season is interesting but moved a little slowly in my eyes. It wasn't bad in any way and it kept me interested just enough to keep me watching. Now, the second half was AMAZING. The story get's really interesting and incredibly tense and you become so fond of many of the Characters (like Lin Beifong, she is SOOOOOO cool, I want to be like her when I grow up. And Tenzin!). I also really love how they incorporated the old Characters from the first season so you can see what they ended up doing as adults. Really cool, I am impressed by these writers.

One of the best characters ever, Lin Beifong.

Also, Korra's "animal companion" (that's what I would call it), Naga is a giant snow bear/dog which, you all know, pulls at my heartstrings (just like the sad Appa episode in the first series where I cried the whole time and refused to ever watch again because it made me so sad. Told you I got into it!). Naga is amazing.

Awesome artwork of Korra and Naga. Via.
Naga and Korra

My complaints? I actually don't have many but 1. (Slight Spoiler):

Why the love Triangle? I have a big pet peeve when writers create a Female main character and there automatically has to have some love triangle. It could be the feminist in me speaking, I don't know. But, at the same time, I realize that the characters are older and it makes it interesting to some people so, I'll let it slide. It's not a blaring fault but I'm always hard on those kinds of things. But, I will say that Korra portrays a strong female who wants to do good and honestly, that's great in my book.

Overall, I am impressed. Would I say it's better than the first? No, because how can you top the original? BUT if you enjoyed the first one, you should give this one a try. For a sequel, it's pretty dang great. You will be sitting at the edge of your seat by the end of the First Season. I guarantee it.

Note: give this series a little time when you start watching it. It's that second half that really captivates you, in my humble opinion.

I cannot wait to get the Second Season. Why do I have to wait so long though!

Happy Tuesday!


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Jenna Christensen said...

Totally agree with you on all points. I started watching the second season when it was on, but I haven't finished it. One thing I did appreciate about the love triangle is you don't ever dislike Asami. And she's still cool in the second season. If you absolutely have to have a love triangle, I guess the way they did it is better than what it could have been. I still like Bolin WAY better than Mako though.