Geddy Turns 2...Again?

Sunday night, we celebrated Geddy's Birthday with the de Lisle's because Glenna was in Japan during his Birthday. She was so nice to throw together a fun party for him with streamers and banners and presents and candles and all the Birthday goodness. Glamma sure knows how to have fun and make things special!

Chad and I drew on the windows. We drew the Lady Pup on the bottom left and then
Balloons and Geddy on the right. It was way too fun. And LOOK at those beautiful Mountains.
Charming cake. 
Banners and Streamers by Grumpa.

It was also the Super Bowl so we got to eat yummy super bowl food like a Cheese Ball, Summer Sausage, Chips and Dip, Root Beers from glass bottles along with Chili, the best corn muffins I've ever had and Birthday Cake. That's the kind of party I want to go to, let me tell ya!

That crown! He is my favorite!
Glamma and Geddy. The only picture we got of him looking at the camera.

Geddy napped at Glamma's house for only a short while (too short, really). So after we sang to him and did presents and cake, he had a major melt down because one of the balloons floated up to the high ceiling that we couldn't get down (it was waaaaay up there). It was crazy but we finally calmed him down after a while. Sundays are full of stimulation for him- with church and Birthday Parties and a nap that was much too short, poor kid couldn't handle it!

One of the gifts Glamma got him was a tent. Not some little dinky tent but an awesome 2 man tent that he can eventually use to sleep outside when he is older. She was so awesome and let us put it up in the living room. Geddy loved it!


We also got gifts from Japan. They were awesome! Glamma got us all sorts of fun surprises. Chad loved them so much, he put them all on at once and wore them around the house. Here is a picture to document.

New glasses, watch, fanny pack, and Hat. Not pictured: leg warmers.

We he had the best time. Thank you so much for the special efforts to celebrate Geddy's Birthday, we are so grateful and sure do love Glamma and Grumpa!

Happy Monday!


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