My Own Hero

Today as I was driving to Target in my sweatpants and wet hair I had a thought come into my mind. I honestly don't know how it got there but it was potent and it made me feel something in my gut. Those are the kinds of things I like to write down because, they made me really feel something.

I believe that as humans, we tend to turn to someone else to save us FIRST. Whether it be from depression or a skinned knee or just feelings of being inadequate or illness; we look to our loved ones (spouses, family, friends) and expect them to have the answer that will fix you. And I am not saying that there ins't strength in our loved ones. Clearly, they can provide the support and love and encouragement when you may need it the most but ultimately, you have to fix yourself.

I am a spiritual person and am also religious so a lot of my "fixing" comes from prayer and reading and meditating. But regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you too have it in you to be your own hero. To step in and say "this is what I need to change" or "I need to seek outside help". It is in you to do hard things and make big decisions.

Sometimes, we have to become our own hero because we are worth it. And we love those who help us get there and it is a good fight. Deep inside of us, we have all the thing that we need. It just takes courage to discover it and nurture that Hero within us. You're braver than you think :)

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

I love that first quote! I think what makes those certain loved ones so spectacular is that they believe in us to save ourselves. Sometimes having someone else believe in us gives us the motivation to dig deep and make the changes we need to!