Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings

So, Chad and I have been on a Lord of the Rings kick since....well always. BUT we have been re-watching the old LOTR cartoons that we both grew up with. Do you remember the ones with the songs sung by the guy with the mega shaky voice? When I heard that music for the first time after YEARS of not watching them, my heart immediately became childlike and tender. "Where there's a whip, there's a way. We don't wanna go to war today!" AMAZING!

After watching the cartoon Hobbit and Return of the King, we were sad because it was over. So, we thought we would try the Ralph Bakshi version which is a bit older and more on the serious or dark side. Neither of us had seen it before so we were curious.

One of the Movie Covers.

We were both incredibly pleased. Not only was it pretty weird because it was made in the late 70's (when someone was injured, the blood was a lovely purple shade, like Barney). We were both SHOCKED by how similar many of the scenes were compared to Peter Jackson's films. Like, some of them were the EXACT same. Even the lines were almost the same in some points. But truthfully, I can't blame Jackson for getting "inspiration" from it because it was a pretty great movie.

Gandalf was amazing, as he should be. And the artwork was old school and dope. Also the Balrog was pretty weird looking but in a cool bizarre way. I was still pretty spooked by it! Oh! And the Ring Wraiths were SUPER creepy. Instead of walking like normal men, they would walk like a gimp, it was unnatural and creepy. Very satisfying at the same time though.

The Balrog.

One of my favorites, however, would have to be the Ent. He was so cute! And waddled when he walked, almost like he was wearing a diaper. It was delightful, indeed!

My one complaint would have to be that the movie only covered the story of Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers, it didn't go into Return of the King at all. It ended right when Gandalf came with the Riders of Rohan to help at Helm's Deep. You can't just leave it at that! I need more! Why do all the cartoons seem to do that? By the end, we were thinking "is there a sequel?" But alas, there is not. **Sigh** We would have loved to seen more.

But anyway, if you are a fan of LOTR then this may entertain you. It's a little weird because it's older but I bet you'll still appreciate it. It did, however, only get a 48% on Rotten Tomatoes. Those snobs.

Happy Monday!


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