Statement Earrings

Something that has really been catching my eye lately are statement earrings. Ya know the big gemmed statement necklaces that everyone has been wearing the last several seasons? Well, I want something like that but for my ears. Costumey, eye catching, blingy, you know what I mean.


I particularly love this look with dark hair because it allows the earrings to seriously pop! If you have blond hair though, don't shy away, just tuck one side of hair behind your ear or throw your hair in a ponytail to show those puppies off. I love this idea not for Red Carpet Events (because let's be honest, I am not doing any of those) but for a fun date with your significant other or a lunch with a friend. Wear it with a simple sweater or understated jacket, booya. Totally loving it for more causal looks.

Via- My favorite of all the looks.

The one issue I have is a grabby two year old (who loves sparkly things) and a MAJOR fear of an earring tearing through my ear (I literally have goosebumps just typing that). So, I will have to be on guard when in that situation.


This isn't a brand new look by any means but it seems so delightful for Spring and Summer.

Happy Monday!


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