Bruges Waffles and Frites

This last Saturday, Chad had a French activity for his French class. His class was going up to Sugar House to get Bruges Waffles and Frites and they were invited to bring guests if they wanted to. Once I heard they were going up to that Waffle place, I was automatically on board. I love a good waffle! Plus, I love Sugar House. I want to live up there some day, it's a neat place.

This Little Dude LOVES being outside. 

So, we made a fun little afternoon of it. We went with two different "dishes", the Machine Gun (fresh baguette stuffed with 2 lamb sausages, belgian frites, and Andalouse Sauce), and a Brussels Waffle with Chocolate Sauce, Strawberries, and Ice Cream. They were both super tasty and worth the drive (the Andalouse Sauce and Frites were killer). I had been there before so I knew that it would be worth it. It was also super nice to share and have both the sweet and salty.

The Brussels Waffle and the Machine Gun

Luckily, there was a great park just down the street. So, we walked down there and ate our waffles and then, I took Geddy for a walk around the duck pond while Chad was with his class for a bit. It was the best. And Geddy adored all the ducks. There was an older man there who gave us a piece of bread so we could feed the ducks (I think he may have been slightly intoxicated because he ended up falling in the pond at one point. We were on the opposite side of the pond when that happened though). The ducks were so cute but there were some Geese that were a bit bossy.

Pointing at the ducks. The ducks weren't afraid of anybody. Go them.
The ducks and geese. Oh and a laying dog statue that was randomly there. 

It was super fun and made for a lovely afternoon!

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

I want that strawberry waffle this very minute. And I laughed out loud at the image of the bread man falling in the pond. Finally, i'm terrified of geese.