Dining Table Day Dreams

As I mentioned before, we are moving at the very beginning of April. Things have gone so smoothly thus far, with someone already scheduled to rent our current apartment once we leave and the deposit for our new place is all taken care of and in place so all that is left is packing (which I am dreading) and moving (which I can't wait for).

I am SO excited. Don't get confused, we are moving to another apartment but it's bigger and has higher ceilings and is significantly less old. Huzzah! Totally worth getting excited for. So with the slightly bigger area, we actually have a little dining room, which I basically just an extra spot for an actual table. We currently don't have a table. We have been using a desk that we had because our current place doesn't have room for a table. Keepin' it classy :)

The thing I am most eager to get once we move in and get settled is a dining table. Oh how glorious it will be. Just being able to have a kitchen table and actual chairs to go with it. So grown up, haha. I will be 27 and finally getting my first kitchen table. Go me!

I have found exactly what I want for the little dining room. I prefer the farmhouse dining table style with refurbished wood (or the look of refurbished wood) but really love them with metal details, like the more industrial style. Because the room isn't big, by any means, I wouldn't be able to get a drastically long table but would still love the "industrial" feel to a smaller sized table.

The table...AND rug.
Love the retro table legs.

I really love the size of this table. I think it would fit nicely in the space. 
The wood here is the dreamiest. Love the stain on it.

Along with a more rustic table (which isn't usually my style AT ALL but for some reason I love it in a table), I want some cool looking metal chairs. Kind of a vintage touch with a cool color. Like red or yellow. I have seen the silver ones which I like but not nearly as much.

Love these red ones.

So, there you have it. A peek at my apartment daydreaming!

Happy Friday!



Haley said...

What fun! I'm excited to see what you end up getting. I really like the second table.

Sarah Schwieger said...

Doggone! I am finally getting caught up on your blog and saw you guys are moving! That makes me sad...but also very happy that you guys are excited about your next step! It'll be really fun for me to see how you set up your new place. Remember to post pictures (as I'm sure you will). :)