Good Golly, I Like You

I just got back from a Doctor's appointment and put our Money Man down for a nap. It's quiet except for the heavy breathing coming from my sleeping lady pup's gruffy nose (she needs a haircut, she smells like outside).

The past little bit, I have received some of the nicest comments from readers about my blog. And don't get me wrong, I don't have a ton of readers. But they were genuine and really lovely to hear. Just simple things like "I really like your blog" or "Thanks for being so honest about this or that". It has seriously meant so much to me. I cannot thank you for your comments. It lifts me up and I am every so grateful.

This blog has always been a wonderful outlet for me. Selfishly, I blog entirely for myself. I enjoy it and it allows me to write and commentary on my own life, which I find remarkably therapeutic. I know a lot of people may be uncomfortable about what I share here. But it's funny, I am an incredibly shy and private person but sometimes, I feel like writing something helps me to sort it out in my own head. And often times, I really hope that it reaches someone who needs it as well. Maybe someone who needs something to relate to. And if you feel like I do this because I am selfish or want attention, then you are in no way required to read what I write.

But, it's freedom of speech. I speak what I feel and you have every right to think whatever you want about it. That's part of being a writer, even a casual one, like myself. If you produce something for everyone to see, then you are going to have reactions of all kinds. Some wonderful and some not. That's the risk.

But I write. And I haven't written consistently in a while, just because it hasn't been flowing like before. But, I hope that it isn't a permanent thing. I don't intend for it to be. Right now I am just trying to settle in to new things. My husband and I call it "roosting", when you snuggle into something and get comfortable. That's what I am trying to do right now for myself in my life. Find peace and roost in it. And I will write more in depth about things going on right now. But it's just not quite time. But when I am ready. I will write it.

And I will write it because it feels right.

But until then, thank you for the love and the support. And the positive comments, they truly make my day brighter and better. 

Happy Wednesday!


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