I'm Not a Witch, I'm Ya Wife!

The blog title has nothing to do with this post. In fact, I posted pictures on here from Pinterest because I thought they were funny. They, in fact, have nothing to do with what I am writing. Just sayin'.

This is so true. Dungeons and Dragons every Friday Night. Pajama time. 

Ohhhhh, this blog. Let's discuss the elephant in the room. I have been incredibly absent from this ol' blog here. Honestly, I've been going through changes in my life. I feel like I am on a path of healing and changing myself as a person in many ways. I make it sound like I have been through something horrifying or traumatic (which I haven't) but I am just going through some self improving. Or attempting to, anyway.

Because of that change, I have been focusing more on, well...myself. Although I still love writing down my thoughts, some of them are personal and I am not entirely ready to disclose them. Same with the things that I have been working on. I don't want to jinx them so I am not entirely ready to discuss them here. Does that make sense? I guarantee once I have my head all figured out, I will do a long "wordy" post about my thoughts and feelings. You know, "get real" and all. But we just aren't there yet.

I do want to do a big post all about by vibrant 2 year old really soon. Man, he gave us a run for our money today. We got to go and see my darling nephew, Beck, get baptized this morning. We go to church each week, so we thought this would be a breeze for Geddy. He definitely corrected us though. He cried and screamed so much during the talks and songs, that we had to take him out so that everyone could hear (Geddy's crying and screaming is not for the faint of heart, he does not mess around when he is upset). So, poor Chad (the wonderful man that he is) was out with Geddy for most of it. UNTIL the very last song and prayer.

The closing song was "Families Can Be Together Forever". This is a song that we sing often to Geddy for bedtime or during Home Evening so he recognized it. I was sitting and singing and I see a little fellow open the door and come walking in ALL by himself. It was our Geddy. He reached for me so that he could sit on my lap and listen quietly as we sang as a group. Chad shortly followed, in shock that Geddy had decided, on his own, to join the group again. It was one of those moments that both Chad and I needed. It was a moment that kept us going a little longer. A tender mercy, for sure. He even sat quietly during the closing prayer! These two year olds, I tell ya, they are so unpredictable! But what a joy.

This was just amazing. 

This post is just an explosion of randomness.

Oh! We are moving! It was ridiculous and "last minute" kind of fast. It was, honestly, a miracle. Seriously. We weren't planning on moving until Summer but found an amazing place in Pleasant Grove and we couldn't say no. It seemed like a risk but everything turned out perfectly. Like, suspiciously perfect, hence the "miracle". We are so grateful. We will be moving to Pleasant Grove in April and could not be more excited. We found a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment with washer and dryer. AND, the building was built in the 2000's rather than the 60's. Yay for newness! We have been in this apartment for over 3 years now and though we have been so grateful for it, we have definitely outgrown it. Plus, we hope to add another little one in the family in the next little while, so we'll need the extra space. And did I mention the WASHER AND DRYER (yes, I did). I cannot tell you the happiness that brings! We have barely told family and probably not any friends but here you go guys! We aren't trying to bolt in the night, I swear, haha.

Also, I chopped my hair. I took off like 4 or 5 inches and dyed it super dark brown. It feels great. It goes along a lot with the changes I have been making personally. I started feeling attached to my long hair. Almost like it was a security blanket and it was a warning sign. I have never and hope to never be an individual who becomes attached to their hair being a certain way. I just don't like that idea, not sure why but it makes me feel insecure. Odd, huh? BUT if you do feel that way, that's fine! You gotta do what feels right!

Hmm, what other random things should I write about?

It looks like I have ran out! Keep an eye out for a big Geddy post soon. I hope to get one up this week. And I may post more soon, it just depends on how I feel.

Ultimately, I don't want to feel chained to this blog and write crap that I am not really in to. I want it to be full of willing expression, not mandatory verbiage.

Happy Saturday!


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Haley said...

I'm so excited for your upcoming move! Moving can be stressful, but I really love the unpacking. I get to organize everything just right and find a spot for all of my things. I hope that everything goes smoothly for you!