Living Room Day Dreams

With our move coming up in two weeks, we have been having way too much fun with dreaming about what we want to do at the new place. We got way too into this probably but it was so entertaining. You can read our goal for our dining room/kitchen table here.

Anyway, my Mother-in-Law surprised us with a gray, L-Shape, couch last Christmas and it was amazing. Exactly what we wanted. We have loved it but are going to be using a different rug at our new place and wanted some different throw pillows just so it seems fresh and new to us. It's a less expensive way to make everything seem like completely new furniture in our new apartment. So, our rug is going to be black and white (pictures to come, believe me) and I loved the idea of a black and white set up. I fell in love with this idea on Pinterest:

LOVE the black, white, and Gray. Aren't I boring. 

I love the simplicity of the colors and really like the cool pictures in the background. I just loved it. So simple and different from what we have done before. Cute. Really really like it.

Chad did make a good point though. He mentioned that it may be a LITTLE boring if it was just black, white, and gray. It would be striking if we had another color in the works just to liven it up a bit. So, we decided to got with some red throw pillows. I have been OBSESSED with the "plus sign" print (like the throw blanket pictured above) so I found an awesome (overly priced) pillow on Etsy and ordered it. It was technically a Swiss Flag pillow (I am not Swiss, I am a proud Swede!) but loved it none the less.

Found on Etsy

I am sure the "plus sign" print is a fad but I am lovin' it! We also got a couple of black and white throw pillows and this great black and white striped throw blanket (all from Ikea) and I can't wait to see how they look together. We also got a cool red, tribal print, pillow to go with the other one. Hopefully it comes together really well.

I also adored the idea of decorating with decorative arrows. Like painted ones that are old looking. And I am talking arrows that would go with a bow. I found some fairly cool ones on Etsy and they tempt me. I really love the ones pictured below but they are no longer on Etsy. So, I am kinda waiting until I find some that I love as much as those and then buy them and then apologize to Chad for spending $20 on decorative arrows. Hahaha, jokes, he would totally support that but still, what a silly thing to purchase.

And lastly, I love the ceramic taxidermy animal heads. I am actually not a fan of hunting (at all) and really am not a fan of the real taxidermy heads on walls. It's just not my thing, I have way too many feels for animals (which, how do I eat meat? I know, I it doesn't make sense, I am dumb). But anyway, I love how these ones look with the gold antlers. Super cool! But again, I would go ceramic ALL THE WAY. 

So, there you have it. That's what I am dreaming about in my living room. We'll see what actually happens in that space and, as promised, I will post pictures once we are all set up and ready to. We are way excited about this. 

And yes, when I say "we", I mean Chad as well. I didn't buy anything without him there (we went to Ikea 3 times, gah, that place!) and didn't order anything without him seeing it. Luckily, we have very similar tastes so that makes things easy. 

Happy Late Monday Night!


P.S. Sarah, this post was for you! :)

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