Okay, I was wanting to post this in JANUARY when Geddy actually turned 2 but I am super late. Oops! Also, these pics were not my favorite. I think that I am pretty rusty and this little dude is a mover and a shaker so good luck getting a calm photo.

He looks likes he is plotting something. 

But let's talk about Geddy. Holy Cow, this boy is vibrant. He is exploding with personality and is so curious. He LOVES being outside. I will put his shoes and socks on while we wait for Chad to come pick us up and he will be at the door saying "Side, side, side!" for outside. The waiting is just too much for him. When we go for walks though, we have encountered some "running away problems". I have to be on my toes the whole time (which means dropping the lady pup's leash and chase after him at any given moment, luckily Bobbie is a really good girl and never runs away). And then trying to head home from our walks is unbearable, it takes so long to get home because he knows what's happening and tries distracting me in any way possible. But, we do love the fresh air and this amazing weather. We always come home with all sorts of sticks and leaves and buck eyes. And covered in dirt.

Geddy still isn't a huge talker. He says lots of words and has a good vocabulary but doesn't say more than one word at a time (except for when he sings, more on that later). He talks about animals and cars and apples and bananas. Oh and fruit snacks, which are fondly called "snacks". It's adorable. He also says drink and food and those basics. He talks about bath and bed and hot and bubbles. He knows eyes and nose and ears (they are my favorite to hear him talk about, he uses the cutest voice for those ones). He also loves talking about hats and shoes and socks. Our little dude will also correct Bobbie, our Mini Schnauzer. When our pup starts barking too much, Geddy will hold up his finger and say "Stop!" which he sadly learned from me. Haha. Then he usually follows it with a kiss for our little Bobbie. He has also started counting a little bit! He can count up to 3, which I am totally happy about. His favorite number is definitely 2 which he sometimes gets stuck on.

Geddy dancing. 
LOVES cars. 

Geddy has become really fond of music and has learned to sing some of his favorite songs (not the entire thing but parts of them). He will usually sing in the car, it's amazing to hear. Oh my goodness, melt my heart. Each night, when we put Geddy down, we say a prayer with him. We pray for things like Mama and Daddy and Sunny (our lizard) and Pooter (Bobbie, our lady pup) and he will repeat the names of them with us and say "Amen" at the end. In church, he really likes it when we sing the hymns too, it's definitely the most reverent time of Sacrament Meeting for us. He also loves to dance. His dancing is usually him just running wildly around our apartment and also jumping. Sometimes he will get a fist pump or two in there. We do dance time a few times a week during our "Mama Time". Mama time is what we do twice a day. I turn everything off, including my phone, tv, everything and just hang out with Geddy. My sister suggested I try this during a challenging time and it's really made things better. I take 30 minutes and just get down on his level and we play. This could be with play-do or wrestling on the bed or reading books or with his beloved cars or building forts- whatever he seems interested in. I try and do this each morning and again in the afternoon after his nap. It's been really good for both of us. Then the rest of the day we go about like normal but it ensures that he gets some really focused Mom time.

And a pic of our Lady Pup. She needs a haircut!
Partners in crime. 
Giving his Pooter a kiss.  

We have these yoga blocks that Geddy loves to wrestle with. It's one of the first things he has started to really pretend with (apart from cars). The blocks are super light weight foam and he will run around with them and throw them and kick them and roll around with them all by himself. And then he will stop and pretend to be out of breath and breath really heavily like he is catching his breath and then he will start it all over again. I can tell that he has something going on in his mind so I just chuckle to myself. Geddy still loves cars and trucks and anything with wheels. He also loves animals, particularly horses and pigs. And cats and sheep and dogs. And birds and frogs. And FISH. Fish are probably his favorite. Our little dude loves our little lizard, Sunny, and our pup, Bobbie. He says goodnight to them before bedtime each day. He has also been playing with Bobbie a little more and she seems to like it pretty well. He will give her pretend kisses too, it's adorable.

One of his beloved Yoga Blocks. 

Geddy still sleeps like a champ. I feel incredibly blessed. I hope that all my children sleep this well but they probably won't. Haha. 12 hours at night and about a 2 hour nap. We still keep his room super dark  but it works WONDERS. Totally worth it. Geddy eats okay. He has hit more of a picky streak. Still loves bananas and sometimes strawberries. Eats PB&J sandwiches really well but isn't a meat kind of guy. Or veggies. Or cheese, oddly enough. He loves crackers and fruit snacks though, like most children. When Our Little Dude needs to go potty, he frantically runs into the other room. And if you walk in on him, he looks horrified and tells you to leave. I would say he was ready to potty train except that he is totally not.


Being two and all, we have encountered some definite tantrums. Right now, we're in a pretty good phase but there are good days and bad days. He can be defiant and stubborn and when he is upset, he doesn't have a quiet cry. It's loud and there is a lot of flailing. Time out isn't super productive, not yet at least. And when he gets hurt, he becomes really mad and becomes angry at you even if you had nothing to do with it. He doesn't really buy the whole "kiss it better" idea. So, we always give him space during that time.

One of Geddy's favorite past times is building forts and playing in the dark. He loves to go in his room alone and shut the door and just hang out in there. We have little flashlights and lanterns and we will turn his crib on it's side and put a blanket over it and just hang out in there. And there isn't anything much better than wrestling with Daddy on the bed. They play under the covers and surprise each other. And Geddy has a special laugh that he uses to get Chad's attention when he wants to play. The laugh sounds like a machine gun. Bobbie goes crazy when they play and wants in on the fun which sometimes makes her too barky. Chad is Geddy's favorite person. They are best buds. It's adorable. And he still LOVES reading books! He really likes reading them by himself or reading them to you.

Our healthy boy. 

Geddy's hair is my favorite. It's really fine and snarls super easy but when its washed and dried properly, you get the most amazing little curls at the ends. I can't bring myself to cut it, not yet at least. He has been called a "she" a few times but whatevs. People ask us if we cut his bangs but we never have, he just has a natural mullet. The fabric on his carseat makes his hair really matted, I can't figure out why. So, I bought some detangler at Walmart for $1.88 and I have been so pleasantly surprised with how well it has worked. Total fan!


It was only $1.88!

Geddy is pretty big for his age, being in the 90th percentile. The Doctor said he is really healthy and seems happy, so we are good. And I am so grateful for this big, beautiful, little dude. He has a new nickname, we call him "Money Man". Although Two Years Old comes with some challenges, it really is a fantastic age. Geddy will stop me sometimes in the kitchen and kiss my leg, letting me know that he needs a little cuddle. And it's those moments that you hang onto for hours. It's incredible to see the light in his eye and how happy he is to be alive. And I am happy to be his Mother. What an honor.

Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

Oh man, you have to record Geddy wrestling with the yoga blocks! That is too funny. I love hearing these details about his personality. It makes me feel like I'm not so stinking far away.