Apartment Bones

Soooooo. I couldn't decide wether to post pictures yet of our new apartment. Mainly, because I am FAR from done decorating but I think it would be kind of neat to have some before and after shots. It was odd though, I had the HARDEST time taking pictures. The lighting and shapes of the rooms were unfamiliar to me so, I did my best!

**Please note that we have unpacked most of our things but our decorating is completely unfinished. I just wanted to share the layout a bit. 

Lets get started. First off, a look from the front door!

One of my biggest priorities while living in apartments has been to keep as much open space as possible. We could have had the couch framing a smaller space but it would cut the room in half and with a two year old and dog, you need SPACE! To the right of the first picture we have a small balcony and an outdoor storage closet. It's great!

Little Geddy in his jammies. These were taken in the morning! 
Geddy's TeePee in the living room. And of course, we have baseball on.
Next up! Our kitchen and dining room. This kitchen is smaller in walking space than our other kitchen but has more storage. I must say, I prefer it. I have less floor to sweep (huzzah!) AND we now have a pantry. I really love this kitchen. One downside is that the garbage disposal in our sink is not nearly as powerful as our old apartment. The one in our old apartment was crazy powerful and I loved it. So sometimes we get a smelly sink. Any remedies for that, peeps?

Our little dining room is one of my very FAVORITE things in our place. It has this beautiful natural light with built in shelves, a gorgeous blossoming tree outside the window, and it's just lovely. I am so excited and incredibly eager to get a kitchen table in there. You can see our yellow, metal, chairs that will go around our table (when we get one). Also, our dining room houses one of my favorite decorations: a gigantic antique American Flag. My Mother-in-Law is the coolest lady you will ever meet and she finds the neatest antique furniture and decorations (you should see her house, it's amazing). She gave us this flag for Christmas and we loved the retro-ness and the massive size. Pretty awesome.  

Our small and simple kitchen. EAT.
Directly across from the kitchen. 

Built in shelves. Not organized yet. 

Next up would be the guest bathroom on the left (I didn't get a picture of it. Oops!) and the first bedroom. This bedroom will eventually be another nursery (once we actually have another child) but for now it's become a bit of an office. I would like to put a bed in there as well just so we have an extra place for guests to sleep (although we RARELY have guests). It's a complete mess right now and the last room that needs unpacking. This is where Sunny the Lizard lives. She gets lots of natural light, which is nice. 

Still unpacking in here. 

 The second bedroom is Geddy's. It's the smallest of the 3 but it's nice because it's kinda tucked back so less noise gets to him. This room is the most decorated of them all because I REALLY wanted to get things put away for him, hoping that it would help him to adjust quickly. I stuck with the same color scheme and it's basically all the same furniture. It's been tricky decorating our walls because they are so much higher than our old apartment's. First world problems, am I right? I wouldn't say his room is done being decorated but it's made the most progress. 

Picture from his doorway.
Closet door and opposing walls. 
We put these G's above his door. 

The last room is our Master Bedroom. We love it. It's bigger than our other room (we can actually walk around our bed!) and we have a walk in closet (so Chad and I can be in the same closet now!) and it's own bathroom. I feel like a Queen! I must say that the private bathroom has been so nice. That way when we have friends over, they don't have to see my hair all over the counter or our dirty shower (sometimes bathrooms get dirty!). Again, we have awesome natural light and it's just great. 

Picture from our doorway.

I am so grateful to be in this space. It's really helped me refocus and become motivated. But the thing I love most about our new place is the cute family I get to share it with (cheesy). Seriously though, these people of mine are the best.

Happy Sunday!


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