Art City Donuts

We recently were able to get to the temple (which was amazing!) and then went to this yummy donut truck that we had heard people rave about. It's called Art City Donuts. Basically, it's fresh made donuts covered in a glaze, and delicious toppings.

Chad got the Boston Cream donuts and they were so good BUT crazy rich. I went with the Strawberry Short Cake donuts and they were nice because you need a little tanginess from the fruit to cut the intense sweetness and heaviness of the donuts.

Boston Cream Donuts
Strawberry Short Cake Donuts

Overall they were super tasty but it felt like I had a ball of dough in my stomach the rest of the night. They were quite heavy. In the future, I would probably just share the donuts with someone instead of getting my own.

Also, I think I would choose Waffle Love over the donuts. Apparently I have a big thing for waffles, who knew? Not to say I didn't enjoy the donuts but they were a bit too much for me. You'll have to give them a try and determine for yourselves!

Happy Wednesday!


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Haley said...

Next time I come to visit, I expect you to prepare a list of yummy foods joints. Iowa could learn a thing or two from Utah.