Boo, You Weirdo

That last 2 days have been weeeeiiiiiiiiiiird. 

We started packing last week so that we wouldn't be super rushed and have made tons of progress. 

Chad is starting to feel crazy burned out from his hectic schedule but we just have to hold on of a few more weeks because we will get moved and he will finish this semester of school. WE CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SUMMER BREAK. Chad is the best though, he works so hard for our family. You the man!

We're feeling worn out from all the stuff going on. And our apartment has shrunk because there are boxes everywhere. 

Yesterday morning I got a call from the Leasing Office at our new apartment and they casually informed me that the apartment we were going to live in isn't going to be available because they previous renters wanted to stay. 

What?! Can they just do that? I was ticked. 

But, the guy went on to say that there is a different apartment that they will be putting us in which is the exact same just a different building. And looking back, I realize that he was ASKING if that was okay but in the moment I was freaking out. I was thinking that we may not have a place to move to and the anxiety just exploded. You don't do things like that to a person with anxiety. It turned my day upside down.

So, we had to go in and change our lease and sign all out new papers and it completely changed our schedule and we just felt weird. 

Do you know what I mean? 

Even writing this out, it doesn't seem like it was a big deal but those kind of things are incredibly difficult for me to process. I have a really hard time with last minute "change of plans", particularly when it comes to something as big as moving. 


So today was better but I just felt "off". I've felt "off" the last week or so. I have had no motivation. Like none what so ever. Which is annoying because I have a lot that I need to get done. And it's odd because I am the type of person who gets things going and taken care of but the last week or so, I've been so uninterested in being proactive. Lame. I do get showered and get Geddy all taken care of but things like cleaning or folding laundry are a big no. 

I think I feel like "we're moving in a week anyway so why tidy up", hahaha. Oh boy. 

Am I the only person who feels that way sometimes? It must be a full moon or something because I just can't do it. 

Well, that's all. I don't have more to say but I am sending out positive energies so that tomorrow will be better. 

As of today? I will be eating Chips Ahoy on my couch.

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

It seems like they should have sweetened the deal our something for causing such a last minute change.you can do this! It'll be worth all of the headache once you're in your beautiful place.