Easter 2014

Well, yesterday was Easter and a fun Holiday indeed. Chad's family has a tradition where instead of Easter baskets, they were given their Easter Goodies in a new Baseball Hat (they are super baseball fans). I love that tradition, so, we have continued it! We also did a good thought about what Easter really celebrates and tried to focus on Christ. But Geddy really enjoyed the candy too.

Now, Geddy still refuses to wear hats so we haven't gotten one for him yet. I am thinking that next Easter we will get him his first baseball hat. I can't wait because I love them. But until then, we did a fun new book and goodies instead.

Geddy's Basket

Chad, however, still got a new hat filled with his favorite Easter treats. This year, he went with the Detroit Tigers, a handsome cap indeed!

Chad's Easter Hat!

Now, I don't really wear baseball caps so I wanted to get something that I would use. I went for a nice lipstick, Mac Candy Yum Yum to be more specific. It cost almost as much as a new baseball cap so it worked (haha). Then I too got a bunch of yummy candy and I am sure, by the end of the day, I will truly regret it.

My Easter Basket
Mac Candy Yum Yum 

And of course, we couldn't forget our lady pup, Bobbie. We got her a bag of some new little biscuits (Peanut Butter flavored!). She was excited about them for sure! We hid everyone's treats so we could all search for them and than spent the morning making ourselves sick from sugar before church.

Bobbie's Easter Goodies!

In the Evening, we went up to Glamma's cabin and had dinner and did more Easter festivities. It was BEAUTIFUL weather. We sat on the back porche and talked and laughed and just enjoyed everyone's company. It was a wonderful way to end our night. Plus, Geddy got to see the neighbors horse which he LOVES. And he wore a cool Bandana because he has street cred.

Street Cred. 

We really like the fun aspect of Easter but, most of all, we love what Easter represents. I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, lives. And I am so happy to celebrate that. 

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

I seriously love the Easter hat tradition. Those DeLisles have some great ideas!