Falling In Love With a Kitchen Table

You'll remember my post about dining tables (here), where I discuss my excitement and desire to find the most fantastic table ever. I wanted something a little rustic, particularly a farmhouse table. This is the first table I have ever owned. EVER! 

Plus, we bought Geddy a booster seat that can go in one of the chairs so that we can get rid of his old, bulky, high chair. Huzzah! Yay for more space!

I asked my Mother-in-Law to help us find one, she is a pro at finding fantastic, quality, furniture. She kept her eye out and found one that was close to budget and just what we were looking for. 

Now, to take a slight break, I have to preface how frustrating it is to take pictures of this room!! The light shines in so beautifully which makes it impossible to take a good picture of it. I kept getting so frustrated because my camera wasn't capturing what I was seeing. But I did my best!

Our dining room before the table (I prefer this lighting). 
This picture is not the quality I wanted but oh well. 

The table is the perfect color and style AND it came with a bench which is pretty cool. It's originally from Pottery Barn and fantastic quality but we got it for only $350. So fantastic. Did I mention I am in love? I will sit at the table and look out our pretty window and just smile because it feels like home.

I love the crossed legs.
Top of the table.

I absolutely love the color of the yellow chairs with the wood and the flag. Extremely happy with how it all came together. We actually have 4 yellow chairs, I just pulled on away so that the legs of the table could be seen.

Thank you again to my wonderful Mother-in-Law who took the time to find this gem. Both Chad and I absolutely love it.

In other news, Bobbie has found this little spot in our 3rd bedroom/office where the sun shines in and warms the carpet, perfect for sun bathing (that room is still an absolute disaster, being a catch all for everything that needs to be stored). 

And lastly, here is Geddy being cute in the tub, just because.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

What a beautiful table! I should commission Glenna to scout out my next furniture purchase. :)

Sarah Schwieger said...

SO pretty! I especially love the colors of the room. How cool to have that flag on the wall!