Hello all! Just dropping by to say hello. Geddy is taking a bath (does anyone else do bath time just for a break? I sure do!) and I am sitting on the bathroom floor and thought I would blog a little. And here is a little bit of our life lately.

Don't look at my filthy bathroom (we are moving soon! I'll clean it tomorrow!). Loved this pic.
And another...I am a crazy dog/mom lady.

Reading: I have been reading Yoga For Dummies lately and really like it. I have been practicing yoga for several weeks now and it's been such a wonderful experience. I've been impressed with how Yoga has blessed my life even as a complete amateur. My goal is to really learn about it not just do it is a work out. The book has been a great place to START. It is for dummies after all. I have also been reading the Hobbit at a snails pace. And it, of course, is amazing.

Watching: We recently found a crazy deal on the Blu Ray Harry Potter Box set so we snatched it up and started watching them (we had always talked about buying them). When we got it though, we thought there was a major typo because it said "Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER'S Stone". We totally thought we got scammed but come to find out, that's what the book was called in Britain? At least that's what I read online. Anyway, they have been super fun to watch. It was a great reminder of how much I like the story. I will be honest. I read all of the books except the last one and the ones I did read, I only read once. So, I have always liked Harry Potter but haven't always been a "die hard" fan. After watching the movies though, I am inspired to reread them. Plus, I love Hermione Granger and the fact that she is an intelligent, strong, female, Character (get it girl!). So, I am humbled and admit that Harry Potter is amazing.

Thinking About: Moving. You guys are probably so sick of hearing us talk about stupid moving but it's totally on the brain. I am sorry. But, we are moving this Saturday instead of on Tuesday so that is exciting! I actually have the keys to our place. Wohoo! ALSO, babies! My sister is about to have her baby and my other Sister-in-Law is pregnant and I saw one of my close girlfriends last night who is having a baby super soon and my other close girlfriend who is newly pregnant (is that a term, "newly pregnant"?). And it's made me a tiny bit baby hungry. Got to admit it!

We went to the park on evening last week. It was after bath time but we had some time
to kill and Chad wanted to take Geddy to the park. So we did. It was a beautiful night.

Geddy loves these boots. Just boots and jammies. "New Boot Goofin'".

Eating: To be honest, I have been stress eating complete garbage the last week. I am excited to get all moved in and settled so I can get back on track. Dang those Eclairs at Kneaders!

Loving: Yoga. Like I said before, it's been something I have been working on (I am by no means good at it). I have also been loving bright lipstick (no shock) and My Birkenstocks. I wear them pretty much every day at least once. They are kind of replacing my grimy slippers (the slippers that Chad keeps telling me I need to get rid of because they gross him out, haha).

Because I know you guys care about my Birkenstocks. 

Happy Thursday!


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Sarah Schwieger said...

I can't even stand it. I'm SO EXCITED to see pics of your new place! Even if you don't have furniture in yet. Yay for a blank slate to decorate!