Olay Night Recovery Cream

A few months ago, I decided to look into an anti aging cream. Now, that may seem silly because I haven't encountered any wrinkles just yet but I do believe that prevention is, often times, the best policy. Just like how you will never see me super tan. Sunblock is crucial for me and I embrace my fair skin and tell those Sun Burns to bug off. I don't tan well and have stopped trying all together. Skin Cancer runs in my family and it's just not worth it to me. But, to each their own. 

I am a drugstore cosmetic person all the way. You've heard me say that I would rather spend more money on clothing than I would on makeup and such. I do have a few high end lipsticks that I got as gifts but that is pretty much it. So, I did a little research and heard good things about the Olay Night Recovery Cream. I am already a big fan of Olay products and use an Olay face wash and make up remover wipes. 

I have been extremely happy with this product. It is rich and creamy and it really makes my skin feel great. One of the biggest benefits that I found is it actually helped me a little bit with my acne (which I wasn't expecting). I will say that in the mornings, my skin just looks better. I can't quite put my finger on it but it just does. 

The one complaint that I have about this product is the price tag. At Walmart it runs about $19.94 for the small container which, to me, is pretty pricey. I am very cautious about how much I use each time and it lasts me about a 1 1/2 months-2 months. And maybe there is a better "higher end" product that works better for the same price? I can't honestly say because I just don't know. 

Is it worth it?

Yes. I have repurchased this a few times now and absolutely love it. The smell is lovely (it's a "Mom" smell for sure) and the creaminess is really delightful. I really do feel like this bad boy works and will continue to repurchase until I don't like it anymore. 

So creamy. 

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the day is remove all my make up (on days where I wear it), exfoliate my face and then cleanse it really well. By that point, my skin is in need of a little repair so I use a good bit of this Recovery Cream and I can feel my face thanking me. 

In other news, here is another favorite spot for our lady pup. She loves sitting on the rocking chair in Geddy's room. She always has. It's very sweet indeed. I will find her in there sitting quietly and calmly just soaking in the sun. Funny girl. 

She always looks angry but she's not. 

Happy Friday!


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