The Small Miracles Count

Bobbie and Geddy

So, I had to write something down because it was a little tender mercy. A mini miracle, if you will.

We are really happy at our apartment. It's been a wonderful change for us in so many ways. But, as any Mother would, I get worried about how my babies will adjust to our new place. Geddy has done really well. He is sleeping well and loves the space and it's been great. Bobbie (our mini schnauzer) has also done well but I always get worried.

As I have probably mentioned before or for those who know our beloved lady pup, she is a unique creature. She is nervous and extremely alert and protective. She is a true terrier, for sure. We have worked so hard with her over the years (lot's of training) and she is so smart and we work with her (and our) weaknesses. We love her so much and that's why we sometimes worry.

We worry that she will bark too much and bug the neighbors (she has a MIGHTY bark). Or that she will get startled by another dog or a child and then she will snap at them (even though she has never bitten anyone ever!). But with my innate anxiety and being a "Mama" to this anxious dog, I do worry about how I can help her to be confident and adjusted and keep her safe.

SO, now that I have explained that, let's get to the point! We live on the 2nd floor so there is a flight of stairs which makes things interesting when I have a dog, a wiggly 2 year old, and an armful of things that I have to get from the car to the apartment by myself. So, I decided I would run Bobbie up to the apartment super fast and then run back and grab Geddy (Geddy was totally safe, BTW). So I ran her upstairs and dropped everything off and then ran back to get Geddy. I didn't close the door all the way but she wasn't able to get out. The door was just resting shut. It was windy today though so the wind apparently blew the door open (which I didn't know about). I was half way in my car trying to unlatch Geddy from his carseat when I hear a familiar and alert bark. Just one alert bark. I turned around and saw an eager and peppy Bobbie staring at me almost to say "what are we doin' Mama?".

My first thought was "Ah!" but immediately after, I thought "What a good girl!" Some dogs would have bolted at the chance, chasing after a car or person but our little, imperfect, pup followed her Mama  like a shadow because she knew she was off her leash but followed the rules. She gave me one little friendly, high pitched but loud, bark to let me know that she was present.

Although, I don't want that to happen again, I couldn't help but think that the Lord is always watching. He sends us those tender mercies that make us open our eyes and give the people (or pups) around us the credit they often deserve but don't get. And though our Pup still has her weaknesses, so do I. And, remarkably, she loves me even with my imperfections because dogs are the most selfless creatures on the planet. I can't tell you the number of things I have learned from her, she has a piece of my heart.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Tiny miracles that make you think "Wow, I was looked after today".  I am so grateful for this little event that opened my eyes to see the Lord's hand in my daily life.

Happy Tuesday!


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