We Moved!

You guys, we moved! We were originally scheduled to move tomorrow but last week, our Landlord for the new place said we could move in early (with no extra cost because he made some last minute changes) so we moved in on Saturday.

It was crazy. I truly loathe moving. Like, it's the worst. And, I mean, I love being in the new place but just getting there is the pits. Moving is hard on everybody. But it's the hardest for our poor lady pup, Bobbie. She is a nervous girl already and seeing everything change is very stressful for her. After everyone was going in and out of our old apartment and me taking her for walks to help her calm down, she finally crashed in the car. Usually when we drive in the car she is focused on the window and seeing everything outside but by the end of the day, when we were driving her to our new place (it was the first time she had been there), she just laid in her bed, in the front seat, and slept. She was completely worn out. But the new space is so good for. It is a little extra room and it's been a really positive change so far.

Bobbie, so exhausted after the move.

Luckily, we have the best friends and people in our lives. Chad's Dad and Brother were so willing to help and we had friends who even asked "when are we moving?" and "you can use my truck" just because they love us. And we made them work hard. Hahah, we have more stuff than we ever even realized and so them helping was so amazing and so kind. All of them deserve cookies because they were so generous with their time and helped us move for 4-5 hours. Thank you so much guys!

PLUS, my Mother-in-Law was willing to watch Geddy ALL day. And Geddy is not some chill kid who just sits still and colors or does puzzles. He is the kid who wants to feed the horse (Glamma's neighbor has a horse that we feed apples to) and play outside and get dirty and jump and run and just LIVE. She is so awesome and when we went to pick him up, he was happily jumping on the bed, singing songs, and wearing brand new moccasins. Thanks Glamma!

Seriously, we feel so blessed for the help. I can't say it enough. THANK YOU! As everything was going on, I started to tear up because I thought "there is no way I could have ever moved any of this on my own" and it made me realize how blessed we are. And to all of those who offered but we turned down, thank you as well (we thought we had less stuff and so we wouldn't need very many people, haha, we were fooled). We felt so supported and it made us feel the warm fuzzies inside.

AND Chad, thank you for getting our little family moved. He did so much packing and moving--it was nuts. You're the best Father and Spouse that I could ever hope for! That's one cool dude.

So currently, our new apartment is in COMPLETE disarray and I don't know where anything is. I haven't showered today and don't know if I will. BUT, I have set up our kitchen (it has a small pantry!) and our bathrooms and our beds. OH and the TV and couch. So, we have the basics covered. I will admit that I am loving organizing and finding new homes for our things. I hung up all our clothes in our closet, so Chad and I will be in the same closet now. So, we're making progress. Lot's of progress.

And today was a momentous day in particular. I was able to start my first load of laundry at our new place. We have gone 4 years without a washer and dryer (during that time we had a baby) and so starting it in the convenience of my own apartment was GLORIOUS. I feel very blessed and so grateful for that. I will never take it for granted.

A washer and dryer! YAY!

And that's where we are at. We will organizing and cleaning for the next several days and just breaking in our new place. Huzzah!

Happy Monday!


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