I'd like to start out by thanking all those wonderful comments on my last post. Your cheery support and kind remarks really made me feel confident and open. Many thanks to you all.

Moving on...

Here is the thing with moving. You have all these wondrous ideas of what you'll do in every room and how QUICKLY  you'll get them done. So, now that I am moved in and completely unpacked, I marvel at how LITTLE decorating I have actually done. Well, I guess I have the dining room, Geddy's room, and our bedroom basically done. But the front room, so unfinished. Oh well, it's all a work in progress and I am not frustrated. 

We recently finished up our bedroom and are rather happy with it. As I have lived in apartments for a good amount of time, I have learned that SPACE is absolutely precious. It's important not to waste it by too much furniture. 

Our old place was much smaller and we couldn't even walk on both sides of the bed. It was literally two little paths on one side and the bottom side. Walking around the bed was completely impossible. Also, below our bed was jam packed with boxes of books and other random items that needed storing. We were also on the bottom floor which was semi underground and so the natural light was pretty pitiful. I can't tell you how much I love natural light. It's a game changer to me.

Here is what our old apartment bedroom looked like. 

Our old apartment Bedroom.
The other side of our old bedroom. 

And for a long time, this bedroom worked great. We didn't need much more than that and were happy to be there.

Since we moved, we have a slightly bigger bedroom (it feels HUGE to us but I think to most people it's still fairly small). It also has a bathroom and walk in closet which makes me feel like a queen. Seriously, having a private bathroom is the best thing ever. Now my guests don't have to see my dirty, hair covered, bathroom floor (well, I guess now the secret is out, ha!).

As always, we wanted to utilize the space. And can you believe it, we can actually walk around our entire bed! Huzzah! It's a miracle. We added two little book shelves and a few pictures. I considered doing drapes but I actually like the simplicity with out them. Not too fussy.


We finally got new bedding that we needed, oh so, desperately. Pillows and duvet are from Ikea and Etsy. The quilt is from Urban Outfitters. And the bed frame is from Ikea too. And there is our pup, getting comfy. She loves the bed as well. We really wanted the bedding to be eclectic and unique, hence the mixing prints and colors.

Angle from our closet. 

We couldn't figure out what we wanted to do with the space between the bathroom and closet. We considered putting the dresser there but it would use up a good portion of the walking space, so we decided not to. We also considered putting shelves there but worried we would hit our heads. Then we had the idea to put a monstrous mirror there. Like a standing mirror. Luckily, my Mother-in-Law had one laying around and generously let us borrow it (which she will have to pry from my cold, dead, hands because I love it so much :) ).

We were excited when we realized we could actually hang it from the wall so we wouldn't be sacrificing any of the valuable walking space. It may be my favorite part of the room. It opens it up and reflects the natural light so handsomely. Geddy loves it too, I have already washed that mirror twice this week because cute little hand prints get all over it.

Now, I have an absolutely ridiculous amount of socks and tights. It's silly because I rarely wear them. I have yet to get rid of any so I keep a bunch of them in these boxes below our bed. But take note that we have NO storage under our bed except for these pretty, yellow, boxes. I love how bright and cheery they are.

Boxes from Ikea

And THAT is our bedroom. It's definitely a haven for us. Somewhere peaceful and calm, an all over nice place to be.

Happy Wednesday!


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