What's Your Game Friend?

Oh hey. How's it going? It's been a while, no?

Do you ever have one of those days or moments where you think "Why is this so hard for me? Everyone makes it looks so easy."

I have those often. Truthfully, I get really frustrated with myself. Sometimes I want to shake myself and say "LET IT GO" but have you tried shaking yourself? It doesn't really work.


Tonight I had a bit of an anxiety "episode". I had a moment where I got really anxious about absolute nonsense. The situation wasn't a big deal and not even worth writing down but my anxiety was stuck to my insides like a burr to a dog's coat. So obnoxious.

And I thought "no one else would worry about this. NO ONE".

But I guess I am not "no one". I am someone. I'm me. I am sensitive and I feel lot's of feelings (ahhhh, I sound like a 14 year old! Haha!).

So tell me, how does everyone do it? How does everyone have it so together? Who are these women who don't go to Wal Mart in their sweats or never DREAD making dinner so they eat hot dogs and tater tots one night. Who are you and what pills are you taking? Haha, I am kidding really, I look up to those who are so "put together", not just in appearance but in every manner.

And here is the other thing. I only have one child (and a wonderful boy he is!)! What am I gonna do when we have more!? Does it get easier? Will I just never shower all together at that point?


Rereading this post, it sounds like I am really depressed which I am actually not. Please don't confuse my tone. I think I am having a "Jesus Take the Wheel!" kind of night.

But I will say, this Coke Slurpee and listening to AlunaGeorge's "You Know You Like It" DJ Snake remix on repeat is seriously helping (but it MUST be the DJ Snake remix, don't be trippin').

So there you have it. It's been a bad night but tomorrow will look brighter and better.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. This made me laugh til I cried the other day. 

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