Yesterday, Chad took the day off and we had a day date.

Why are day dates so fabulous?

For us, it's because we get to have the afternoon to ourselves and then we get home and put Geddy to bed soon after and then we have the evening  to ourselves as well. So basically, it's like an entire day date.

And me and Chad like each other. We talk about all the things and laugh. And eat. We always eat. Dining out is probably my favorite date ever.

We ended up going to seeing the new Captain America movie which was really fun and got dinner at Cheesecake Factory. I got steak and fries, it was soooo good. I am a definite meat and potatoes kind of girl.

(After such a grim post on Tuesday, I thought I write a cheery one today.)

You would think that after such a lovely day, we would have pictures to show for it but we didn't. So here are pictures of Geddy instead!

And he is rather cute.

We are planning on cutting his hair pretty soon. It's gotten out of control and he refuses to let me tame it. Seriously, we wrestle and he screams if I even get a comb close to it. It's time. **Sigh**. I love his hair though. The bright blond and wonderful curls.

Plus, I love long hair on boys. Which I know makes everyone want to throw stones at me but TOO BAD. I DO WHAT I WANT. Hahaha, jokes.


That's all.

Happy Thursday!


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