Geddy's First Haircut

***Sigh*** We all know that I loved Geddy's long hair. I am a huge fan of boys with long hair, I like the chill, granola, look of the shaggy moppy hair. And Geddy's was so cute. Mega blond and curly, I was a fan. 

But there came a point a few months ago where Geddy refused to let me comb his snarly hair. Like we would wrestle and cry and even the tangle spray made me enraged (do not touch this kid's hair) and the snarls got so terrible to comb that we decided it needed to be cut. 

So, we took him to a super cute place in Lehi called "Cookie Cutters" (thanks for the suggestion Maggie and Heidi!) where they specifically do kid's hair. They have cool cars that the kids get to sit in and movies for the kids to watch while they get their hair done.

Now, from the beginning we were worried that Geddy would loose his mind (considering he HATES getting it combed or washed). So, we were just hoping for the best. It started out awesome. Geddy loved all the cool cars and even selected one he wanted to sit in but there was a problem from the start. There was another young boy (about Geddy's age) who was screaming hysterically. Geddy did good until he realized the screaming child was also sitting in a cool car seat and our Little Dude lost it. 

The wonderful lady started buzzing quickly and we tried consoling Geddy who kept looking at us and saying "all da, all da" (all done). He started throwing his head back and forth and jumping in his seat. He was ticked. Totally enraged. Finally, Chad let Geddy sit on his lap and I pulled out my phone and let Geddy watch videos of himself (he really likes to watch videos of himself) and he sat calmly while the lady finished his hair. 

It was all moving so fast and I am sad to say, I didn't quite get the curl that I wanted for his baby book but I did get a little one. I wish I had cut my own lock from him before we went but I was nervous about the whole thing and this was the best I could do. But Chad made a great point. He said:

"Hilary, you have taken a million pictures of Geddy throughout his life, you've documented how his hair was just fine."

Excellent point my darling.

I LOVE his little ears. 

Although I will always miss those sweet, angelic, blond, curls, I feel totally confident that it was time to cut his locks. And I am SO happy with how handsome he looks now. And I love that I get to see his little ears. They remind a little bit of Chad's and so it's like a sweet surprise that I get to see them everyday. Plus, the low maintenance is really appealing.

RIGHT after he got it cut.

I will say that his haircut has aged him like 3 years. I had so many moments when we got in the car after the haircut where I thought "who is this big boy?". And then looking at Chad with a sad face because he is so BIG. And the last few days, I keep looking at him and thinking just how much I love this kid. He is beautiful and bright and happy. The haircut has shown me just how much he has grown and changed and it has made me ever so grateful for this beautiful child. 

And of course, I forgot my camera. When I get nervous about things, I get a bit flustered and that means I forgot the camera. Thanks anxiety, you're the best. So, pictures from our phones had to do. 

After it was over, the place gives the kids a balloon and a sucker. Geddy was so happy about that red balloon. He didn't even remember what happened only moments before. He kept look at us and saying:

"Ba-yoon, ba-yoon!" (Balloon)

It was a special day for us and one that Geddy will probably never remember. It seemed fitting that we had this little family moment the day before Father's Day. It was special to us. 

Peaking around the camera. 

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

Oh my goodness! He looks adorable! You're right, he does look much older all of a sudden. That picture of him at your kitchen table with a big smile and crinkled nose is so cute!