Summer Goods

So, this week isn't going as smoothly as hoped. Chad is still dizzy and still nauseous. And I believe I am experiencing some food poisoning but not the same thing that Chad has. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH US? It's comical how things are.

We are at the point where we think "this is our life now, let's just accept it".

I know, I know, I sound very dramatic. This too shall pass and blah, blah, blah.

Geddy is taking a nap right now so I am going to watch some Law and Order and day dream shop for a while. Ready? Let's do this.

So, this is what I want to wear the entire Summer:

Loose Fitting Dresses:
I am hugely against Summer. Okay, that's a bit rash. I am not a fan of Summer. You don't see me at the pool much or wearing shorts and a tee. I like layers, I like shade, and I like to stay cool. The sun is a lovely thing in short increments but when you sweat just going from the car in the parking lot to the store, it's really unpleasant to me. I am a huge fan of comfy dresses during the summer because, hello, one layer and no waste band!

Such pretty colors. 

Harem Pants:
In recent years, I have realized that I don't find jeans very comfortable. They don't breath very well and are restricting. Light weight, flowy pants are just the trick. And luckily they are pretty on point, trend wise.

Basically, I want to be able to wear pajamas in public while still technically looking "appropriate". It's a dream come true!!!

Shoes. Just Because:
There really is no rhyme or reason to these shoes I have selected other than they are fierce and I want them.

These slippers are fabulous. I feel like they are going to be like the new "Birkenstock Craze" that's been going down. I could be vacationing in the Hamptons with these classic leather "sandals"(?). They are kinda sandals. Classy as ever either way.

These are waaaaaaay too lovely not to write about. The contrasting patterns and fringe on the heel, scrumptious! They would be highly charming with a pencil skirt.

Last but not least, these are super fierce. Interesting and eclectic, these heels would add to any outfit, dressy or casual.

Okay, that was fun. Now back to reality.

Happy Tuesday!


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