What Day Is It?

You guys! We almost died last week! Or it felt like we were dying.

Last Sunday, Geddy got a fever. Chad and I were both so sympathetic and worried like normal parents get.

Monday and Tuesday: Chad was feeling seriously under the weather. But he was worried about missing work because he has been so busy there so he decided to push through.

Wednesday: Chad has become soooo ill and Geddy has developed a frightening cough (Chad stays home from work). Perhaps Croup? We didn't know for sure. We continued to keep an eye on it but he was acting really happy and challengingly energetic.

Thursday: Chad is still soooooooooo ill (stays home again). Geddy is acting good but still coughing. My allergies are bothering me and I am growing weary from caring for the sick humans around me.

Friday: Chad is still soooooooooooooooooo-oooo-ooo-oo ill. Stays home from work for the third day in a row. Terrible cough, fever, nose stuff, the works. He is so frustrated that he decides to go to the Urgent Clinic at our Doctor's office. I stay home in, what I thought, was an allergic haze but later find out, it was in fact not due to allergies. I start to get sick and we both feel like we are dying.

Saturday: Chad is on medication and improving which is good because I am dead on the couch so he now has to take care of me. Geddy is energetic and happy but still gets grumpy and has the cough.

Sunday: Chad starts to feel dizzy and nauseous. I continue to be a snot monster and wish death to come. Geddy is still energetic and happy but coughing. We realize that Chad is having a bad reaction to the medication the doctor prescribed, hence the dizzy and nausea.

So THAT, was our week. It was complete madness. There were several days where I thought "what day is it?" and "have I showered today".

Today, however, I woke up feeling much better. My nose is a stuffy mess BUT that is much better than the snotty/runny mess it was before. I was fairly certain my nose was going to fall off on Saturday because it was so raw from me rubbing tissue on it so much. OUCH. I had to sleep with vaseline on my nose in order to survive. And how about those nightmares? I get weird nightmares when I am sick. For example:

I dreamt that I was joining a band with a bunch of Jr. High kids and the hip drummer said that because I couldn't play any instruments, I had to sing which is one of my biggest fears so, yeah. That was stressful.

AND if you saw me sometime last week, I probably had toilet paper stuffed up my nose. Girlfriend needed to jam the snot. So what.

Today: I have disinfected everything. Washed all of the bedding and dirty, snot covered, clothing. It has been an outrageously successful day. And it's shocking how much better I have felt. Although, I find myself getting the weird sweats when I push too hard. You know how that is? Like, when your body is like "slow down, you're still sick!". Plus we have already gone to the park today and sat in puddles (that was Geddy doing the sitting in puddles thing).

A little blurry but still cute.


I would like to thank all of the friends and family who provided priesthood blessings and brought over dinner and took Geddy in the afternoons so Chad and I could lay on the couch watching MythBusters and drinking Gatorade for HOURS (I will never think of Mythbusters the same after this experience).

So yes, we are grateful. Last week was rough but we recognized just how crazy blessed we are.

Happy Healthy Monday!


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