Here I Am!

This is a quick update post where I dump a bunch of random cell phone pictures so that I don't forget that things happened. Hahaha. There are a few good quality pictures that I got from my Sister so we have her to thank for that!

Geddy and his cousin Abby! I think they look alike. 

To be honest, we have been super busy lately. We had my sister (who, by the way, I followed around from age 2-16 (I only stopped because she moved out for college at that point)) and it was so amazing. I got to meet her beautiful new baby boy and have conversations with her amazing little girls. We baked and laughed and tried having conversations in between childrens' screaming tantrums. And we giggle and laugh and just "get" each other. I have grown bitter towards the state of Iowa who has whisked my soul sister away from me. It's cruel but life is just like that sometimes. So our weekly phone call conversations will have to suffice until their next visit.

Geddy LOVED the tractor at my Uncle's house. 
Daddy and Geddy on the July 4th.

Then on Friday we got to celebrate the 4th of July with my folks at my Aunt and Uncle's farm in Payson. They have 24 acres of land where they grow all assortments of fruit trees and have cattle and chickens and cats and a dog. They also have a charming front and back lawn where the kids played and laughed and Geddy got to jump on the trampoline (this boy is a born jumper. He is constantly jumping). It was such a fun time seeing cousins and family. Then on the way home, Geddy drank some sprite in the car and vomited TWICE. I have never seen so much stuff come out of his body. It was horrifying. I think his body was overwhelmed from the warm day, the jumping and then guzzling some sprite. It was crazy but he was totally fine. Cleaning out the car and his carseat was a nightmare however, I still shiver thinking about it.

Apart from all the fun family gatherings and parties, things have been really good. Chad is really busy with work and we are enjoying the fun walks with my Parents 3 times a week and staying as cool as possible in this wretched heat.

Sleepy lady pup. 
I found this picture of Geddy pre-haircut and loved it.

Life is good. Things are good. We are happy and content. You would think that with so many fun events going on, that I would take tons of fun pictures but I just didn't really want to. I love having the memories but this time I just wanted to "be" present, does that make sense? And so I didn't stress about the camera, I just went and enjoyed and it was a lovely time indeed.

Happy Monday!


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