A Funny Memory

I wanted to be sure to write down this little experience that Chad and I had a few months ago because it was too funny. 

When we moved into our new apartment and got settled in, we notice a few little items had vanished. Particularly my tongue scraper (I am a HUGE tongue scraping fan, I swear it keeps my breath fresh!) and Chad's comb (his fancy handmade comb). 

We searched high and low for both items. After a while, we gave up and repurchased them both. 

The Air Conditioning Thingy

Then, for some reason, we needed to open up the air conditioning box "thingy" and lo and behold, there was my tongue scraper and Chad's comb, as well as a marker and part of a toy. We were laughing uncontrollably because Geddy had somehow shoved both of them in there. We have no idea how. 


He keeps our life interesting, that's for sure. 

Happy Tuesday!


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