Bear Lake 2014

It's tradition for the de Lisles to go to Bear Lake as a family each year. And it's always during Chad's Birthday, which he loves.

I was feeling nervous because it's really hard for me to travel with a child/baby. I am just not very good at it. I WISH so badly that I was better. I am just too anxious of a person and it's hard when I am not in my own home and have the same routine. Yes, I am basically an old woman who doesn't like change. But I also know that it's SO important to get out of our comfort zone so I threw it out to the Universe that this would be our year!

The day before we left, Geddy started to get a nasty cold. It made me a little nervous but I thought that it would all be okay and will pass (again, throwing out positive vibes to the universe). So, the next morning we headed out. Geddy was still pretty dang sick but we gave him some wonderful meds and he was quite a champ the entire time.

Now, the second day we were there, I started to get a sore throat and my nose was bothering me. I thought "uh oh, I caught Geddy's cold". I always catch his colds, if he gets sick, I am soon to follow.

This cold hit me SO hard. I had a fever, couldn't sleep, coughing, burning nasals. I was dying. This was also during the time where we were wondering if we could be pregnant. It was the "period time" or "missed period time" so I was trying to be smart about medications.

Funny Side Story: I took 2 pregnancy tests while I was there and they were the most suspicious things ever. They had the most faint and blurry second line on them. Like it was thinking about being pregnant but couldn't decide. Me and Chad were both baffled so we waited another 2 days and bought another test where we got firm and confident "Pregnant" lines on the test. Can we also talk about how mad Chad gets when I am trying to find out if I am pregnant? I have a bad habit of taking tons of pregnancy tests and he hates it because they are so expensive! His thought process is "if you're pregnant, we'll know at when you miss your period then take a test" but my thought process is "let's take a test a little early cuz it's fun". My method doesn't work super well. Poor Chad. Hahah.

Finally got a real positive result!

 So...we found out we were pregnant and I was super sick for several days. I had to get a blessing from Chad and Jordy. (I took nyquil because I was so desperate, I know, bad Mom).

Then after I started feeling better from the cold, I started to feel really uncomfortable and got a UTI.  It was miserable. I have never had one in my entire life and do you know how hard it is to find any medicine or even 100% Cranberry Juice in a little town by where we were staying? Impossible. Luckily, Glamma was in Logan and picked me up some meds which provided some relief.

I was really struggling during this time. I felt so bad because I was such a bummer to be around and would lay in bed most the time. Everyone else had to watch Geddy and poor Chad...I was such a party pooper.

Buuuuut, some positives from the trip was:

Geddy LOVED the water this year!!!! He loved the boat and we found an amazing beach where he got to play. It was awesome. Plus he got to spend tons of time with Glamma and Diana, which was great.

At the beach, this boy was in HEAVEN. 
Even though the water was super cold, he wouldn't get out of the water! 
Smiling on the boat! Even with his life jacket on!
Swimmin' with Daddy and Uncle Jordy
Drivin' the boat! 

We had friends come up for the weekend of Chad's Birthday! It was awesome. We got to play DND with them and Chad got to play Video Games with them. With how big of a bummer I was during the trip, I was glad our friends could come and bring some fun for him.

Here we all are wearing mustaches for Chad's Birthday Party!

Plus, Chad got to do really big runs with his Brother, Jordy. Yes, they think it's fun to go on these long runs that include intense hills. I am more of a "hey, let's watch an entire TV Season and eat donuts in one night" kinda girl but to each their own.

Here they had just finished a crazy run in a rain storm. It was pouring rain for several days during the trip and they got stuck in one of them. Yikes!

Post rainstorm run. 

At the end of this trip, I couldn't help but apologize profusely to the family for how crummy I was. I just didn't feel well and it was hard not to show it. As always, I was blown away by the de Lisle family's generosity and understanding. I am grateful to be able to share my life with such amazing family (and friends that are equally family). 

Happy Friday!


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