Sometimes, it's tough.

That last 6 weeks have been brutal. I am still struggling with morning sickness. Last week it was at it's worst and then I had 2 days that were pretty darn good and then I was sick all yesterday and vomiting.

You win, fetus, you win.

Amongst the nausea I have also had an overwhelming thought of:

"what are you doing?! you can't manage another baby!!!!"

I know, I am a big pansy but having another new born is really scary. The business of newborns are the scariest stage for me. It's such a challenge. I wish I was one of those women who bounced back and handled the lack of sleep with such grace but I will be first to admit that I am just not that lady. It's brutally hard for me (and I am sure other women relate).

But I had a moment today as I was wrestling Geddy down for "naptime" (aka quiet time that only lasts about 20 minutes). I had finally persuaded him to come sit on my lap instead of kicking the door screaming (naptime is fun at our house). I was singing him the usual primary songs and he sang along with me. He has been doing that quite a bit lately. He sings loud and almost completely monotone but it's just so sweet.

And it was a tender mercy. It was a moment in life when things aren't super easy but I thought to myself:

"at least we have that going for us!"

Geddy had heard these primary songs enough times that he could sing along with them. And he and I could feel peace about everything.

Sometimes, I feel like I am super unprepared for what life throws our way. But this quote settled my nerves nicely. We're all just figuring this whole life out, right?

Happy Wednesday!


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