Geddy Boy is Growin' Up

This post is dedicated strictly to our little dude. Homeboy is growing up fast and I need to do better documenting it. All the pictures are from my phone and so they aren't great quality but, they are cute.

First of all, Geddy is talking up a STORM. He is starting to say more sentences and loves to talk about spooky things. Like black cats, witches, monsters, spiders, skeletons, anything that is kinda spooky. He loved Halloween because he got to see everyone's fun decorations. Each weekend, when Chad lets Geddy out of his room first thing in the morning, Geddy says "Yay, you did it!" to Chad as if Chad had accomplished something really big. He is just too funny. He will also fake burp and say "scuse me!" over and over again. At least he is being polite, right?

For Halloween, I dressed up as a black cat. So I did simple whiskers and a little black nose with eyeliner on my face. Geddy thought it was the best thing he had ever seen. It left a huge impact on him. I only did it once but every time he sees me put on makeup now, he asks to be a kitty cat. So, I will put a couple whiskers on his face and he loves it. Except for on Sunday, I tell him we don't wear costumes to church. It's just the cutest thing. It's funny what things little kids remember.

Geddy got his second haircut last week. His hair had grown out into a very strange bowl-like-hairstyle. It was not very flattering and even if I combed it, it looked pretty wonky. I took him to the salon by myself and was slightly nervous about how he would do because the first time wasn't super calm (he ended up sitting on Chad's lap because he was so upset). I am happy to announce that Geddy did GREAT. He didn't cry at all and was super brave and sat in the cool airplane chair all by himself. He got nervous at first but the lady did an awesome job with him and he was such a big boy. Plus, his haircut is fresh to death. He looks sharp and SUPER old. Love him .

Naps are a complete thing in the past. And quiet time hasn't been super successful or regular either. I have started to kind of embrace that fact and some days are easier than others. But, I am lucky that Geddy sleeps from about 7pm-7am every night. The other day, we decided to go to Barbacoa after Chad got off work so we packed us all up in the car and headed out. It was a totally normal day but Geddy fell asleep in the car. We thought "let's just let him sleep for 10 minutes and then he'll wake up when we get out of the car". We got out of the car and he was still ZONKED. We ordered our food while Chad held him and Chad suggested we try and grab our thick blanket that we keep in the car and put it down on the bench where we were sitting so he could lay there. I figured it was worth a try but strongly doubted that he would continue sleeping, that would be a joke but sleep he did! He slept for a good 45 minutes! We were blown away. Of all the days he decides to nap, it's on a day where we are out to dinner. Kids are the funniest of creatures.

This was a picture from the other day. It was a day where we were both just done. Done with each other, done with being home, just done. Am we the only ones who have those kind of days? We were waiting for Daddy to get home and I caught Geddy watching his iPad like this. He had ripped off all the couch cushions and it was just amazing. What a stud.

Well, there is a small update on our tiniest wonder.

Happy Friday!


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