Halloween 2014!

I LOVE Halloween. It brings back such fond memories of being a kid and the excitement of dressing up and trick-or-treating. And it has a renewed sense of fun now that I have a child who is beginning to enjoy its delight. 

Geddy has been loving all things spooky for a month or two. He loves dragons, skeletons, black cats, spiders, jack-o-lanterns, witches, monsters; anything that makes you feel a tiny bit scared. Because of this new found love, Halloween was a real hit for this little dude. 

Each year, I have made Geddy's Halloween costumes the day of. The first year he was an Old Man and last year he was a Lumberjack. Both times I have been pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Well, this year was no different. We just took items that we already had and made another costume. 

This time, Geddy was....

A Biker!

Chad's Mom bought Geddy this authentic Harley Davidson Biker jacket and it was just too cool not to use. We threw a bandana on with some boots and a mustache and voila, we had a biker!

But can we talk about the fact that everyone (more like the older generation) thought he was a pirate. What kind of pirate wears a leather biker jacket?! Come on!

We weren't really mad and stopped correcting people after a while. It's all good. We knew what he was and he looked super cool too.

This was only half of the people who were at the party. The rest came after this pic was taken. 

My Mom and Dad threw a Halloween party for the grandkids the week before. They are so cute. They had fun games like Bobbing for Apples and eating donuts from a string and Pin the Nose on the Ghost. Then we all went for a walk around their neighborhood because the neighbors get really into decorating for the Holiday. At the end, we made carmel apples. My Dad told ghost stories after that but we had to head home because Geddy needed to go to bed and I was still really nauseous from being pregnant.

Chad dressed up as a Burglar this year and I did an easy black cat. It's a go to for Halloween. Wear all black, throw on some cat ears and whiskers and you're good to go.

My Mom was the cutest of us all though. She is so fun and extra sweet with the Grandkids.

This year was the first time we went trick-or-treating with Geddy. Because we live in a large apartment complex, we decided to head to my Mom and Dad's neighborhood to do the trick-or-treating. Their neighborhood is really settled and we knew that people would be home and expecting little trick-or-treaters. We started at my parent's house. Geddy was so confused at first because my Dad came to the door with a huge bowl of candy. Geddy's little hand quivered with excitement as he picked a candy, he kept changing his mind as to what kind he wanted until he decided a sucker was the way to go (he immediately asked me to open it for him). 

He loved the "black cats" on his bucket.

We only trick-or-treated for about a half hour and it was perfectly long enough but not too long. It was also before it got dark so it worked out wonderfully. By the end, he was really good at saying "thank you" and saying "trick-or-treat" himself. We would tell him to "knock on the door" each time so he would say "knocky door?" after each house because he wanted to keep going. It melted our hearts for sure.

After we had our fun, we headed home and Geddy immediately wanted to check out his loot. So we dumped his bucket on the floor and he made us open every single bit of candy. I am of the mentality of letting kids eat as much candy as they want on Halloween night. Let them get their fill and then the day after ration it appropriately. With Geddy, he wanted to see what was in all the wrappers but actually ate very little of it. He had 2 suckers (opened at the same time, one in each hand) and that kept him very happy. He didn't finish either of them. I came to find out that he isn't super fond of chocolate stuff. Sadly, I was so sick from the pregnancy that I couldn't enjoy them either. So rude.

After he was done looking at his candy, we tossed it and he wandered off with his suckers for a bit. Then we got ready for bed and he went to sleep. It was great because he didn't even think about the candy the next day which was good.

This Halloween was hugely successful. Chad and I felt like we did a good job as parents to try and make it fun, even while I was so nauseous.

I hope you all had a superb Halloween as well!

Happy Monday!


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