Christmas 2014! (First Half)

Chad and I are crazy lucky to have tons of wonderful family close by which makes celebrating the Holidays joyous and equally busy. But the good kind of busy, ya know? So this Christmas, we literally partied for 3 days straight. By the end we were so exhausted. 

First off, we spent the night on the 23rd at Chad's Mama's house. Her Birthday is Chirstmas Eve and so it's really important to our family to make it super special so that's all we did on the 23rd was celebrate her day of birth! And she is a special lady and totally deserves it. 

There was one moment where Geddy fell off a chair. He didn't get severely hurt but the shock combined with the embarassment of falling in front of all his "friends" really set him off. So much so that he started coughing really hard and then threw up all over me. I actually caught a bunch of it in my hands. *Mom Reflexes*. Luckily, Glamma had an extra pair of jammies for him so we changed him into those. Never a dull moment with a toddler. 

I made her a carrot cake again, just like last year, and it again looked very "rustic" but I didn't get a close up picture of it this time. But it tasted pretty good! We did presents and sang songs and Glenna made a crazy delicious dinner of Chateaubriand. It was bangin' but of course I didn't take a picture of it because I was too excited to stuff it in my mouth. *Winning*

Glamma and her sons (minus Aj, who is in Uganda) and Bobbie photo bombing them.

Can we also talk about how funny out of focus this pic is ^^^? I love that it's blurry except for that poinsettia. And man, is that poinsettia in focus or what?! That is totally my kind of picture. Hahaha.

After dinner and cake and presents (and after Geddy was sound asleep), the adults stayed up and talked into the wee hours of the morning. I am pretty sure we were up talking until after midnight, it was crazy. But it felt good. We talked about good things and hard things and the trials of life. It is a night I will always remember. Than we helped wrap some presents while Jordy and Chad played some video games (per tradition). Chad and I ended going to bed after 2 am. I am WAY too old to be staying up that late. And my pregnant body completely agreed.

The next morning we started by eating some of Warren's breakfast casserole, it was delicious. Then, shortly after, we started opening presents. Even though this day was the 24th, we treated it as Christmas morning for the de Lisles.

We all got spoiled rotten. Geddy got tons of cool dinosaurs and guys that he loved. Plus some cars and balls and puzzles. Chad and I got some amazing kitchen knives in a block. We have never had good knives, EVER and so it was such a huge treat. Plus we got a really nice Pendleton blanket that goes with our living room and a super great cast iron skillet that Chad has been wanting FOREVER. We also got some great gift cards and other spectacular things. We were spoiled, for sure.

Jordy and Kate opening their stockings. 

Geddy has started getting into saying "Cheese" and smiling like this ^^^. It's an intense smile but cute for sure. He also wanted me to take a picture of him saying cheese with each new toy. Which was a lot of toys.


After opening presents and enjoying everyone's company for a bit, we packed up the car and headed home at about 2 pm. It was so much fun, we had a great time.

Chad and I started a tradition last year that we have absolutely loved. We eat Chinese food (from Panda Express) and put a big lego set together. The legos are our "family gift" each year. Now, we do the actual lego set while Geddy is asleep because trying to do that while he is awake would be VERY challenging. We watch Lord of the Rings while we do it too. (I don't know why but Christmas time really gets me in the mood for all things Tolkien, we just finished reading The Hobbit together two weeks ago).

The first half of our Christmas celebration was absolutely lovely! We couldn't have been more lucky. I'll have the pictures and details of the second half coming soon! 

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

I love Geddy's "cheese" face. I think every child goes through that teeth-bearing smile phase. :) It looks like you guys had a great day, and extra points for making Glenna that beautiful cake!