It's a Girl and A Name!

Little Baby Girl

So, I am over a week late on this but we found out the gender of baby #2 and it is a girl!

This pregnancy has been completely different from my first and I always had a thought that it was a girl but then I would immediately doubt myself because I am married to a de Lisle man (the de Lisle family produces very few females, it's the truth). So, when we went in to get it checked we were both equally elated and shocked.

I should have trusted my Mother's intuition. I am 2/2! With Geddy, I knew within weeks of finding out I was pregnant that he was a boy. I could feel it in my bones. I am sure it sounds so silly but I just felt specific ways with both.

This pregnancy I have been so much sicker. I suppose that wives tale of baby girls making you sicker was true for me this time. I need so much sleep in order to function and still get nauseous at night (but I do feel SO much better now that I am into the 2nd trimester). Also, I get headaches often and just recently, I have become ridiculously emotional. Holy cow. Poor Chad.

Food is still a little "iffy". Better but not completely back to normal. I've also been carrying this baby differently. With Geddy, he grew straight out of me but this little lady has been more side to side and out so I feel more lumpy and chubby rather than pregnant. But don't you worry, I have plenty of time to get huge!

While pregnant with our Little Dude, I had terrible anxiety in my second trimester. Earlier this year, you'll recall that I started taking medication to assist with that and this pregnancy has been quite a bit better. I will say that the last week it has peeked a bit and been more noticeable but I am aware of it and it hasn't been nearly as severe. I think it's just all the hormones during pregnancy that makes me go a little bit crazy. I am really grateful that the medication has helped so much though. Modern medicine can be such an incredible blessing.

Our baby girl is looking healthy and measuring well. She was moving so much that the ultrasound tech had to take a lot of time measuring everything and checking her. She was shocked by how much she was moving. But, she confirmed twice that this baby is NOT a boy and has the correct lady parts so, we feel really quite confident about it. She also expressed a slight concern because my placenta is right next to my C-Section scar (ohhhhhh Gregory, you will be my demise) and so we have to keep an eye on that because if it doesn't move than I will need to go and see a specialist Doctor for the delivery. But she wasn't overly worried, she felt very confident that it will "pull up" by the time we get to the point of delivery. At 28 weeks, they will do another ultra sound to check the placenta's location and we will go from there.

It has taken a while to realize that we are, in fact, having a baby girl. I can't honestly say that it hasn't completely set in. I think once we start fixing up the nursery and buying baby clothes it will seem more real.

And speaking of baby girl clothes: I was at H&M getting a hoodie for Geddy and I thought I would meander over to the girl's section and was IMMEDIATELY overwhelmed. I actually love dressing little boys and feel more comfortable doing that because everything was pink and glittery and had hearts and stars and I almost panicked a bit. I had to get out of there. The super girly stuff isn't really my taste, I know what a waste, right? But I personally don't tend to dress that way (I dress more like a dude, haha) and so I have to find what I like for a little girl. I already have an idea for her nursery and it's definitely not your standard girly room. Not that there is anything wrong with those things they just aren't really me. And until this child can let me know what SHE likes, I will just be going with what I like. But I want her to be able to choose for herself once she can.

Having a girl is incredibly intimidating to me. Chad and I have discussed it multiple times and we both feel the same way about how we don't want her to be raised with the ideology of the world, particularly the media. I am truly a feminist at heart, I want my baby girl to be raised knowing that she can do anything she puts her mind to and that her personal value isn't based on how perfect she looks or how thin she can get. There is so much negative pressure on girls in this day and age and that terrifies me.

I want her to have self respect and know that knowledge is power and that she can play with army guys or barbies or whatever. It's so scary though because the outside pressures are EVERYWHERE. Disney Channel, Movies, Books, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube...I just want our positive influence to carry more weight than the outside world. I could go on and on and on about all the things I want her to know and being her amazing little self but I will stop the feminist rant for now.

And don't get me wrong, my fears are the same for Geddy and I don't think that boys have things easier, I know there are many pressures and challenges on any child. It's funny because during this pregnancy, I have become SOOOO tender for that little boy. I was telling Chad about how worried I was about Geddy not being the only child anymore and not getting enough of my attention when I have a needy newborn and that he wouldn't feel loved anymore (yes, that was the anxiety talking, I am sure of it) and he had to laugh and say "We are going to love both our kids the exact same amount, I promise". He has quoted that multiple times since then. Haha, I am such a worrier. Even writing this post all about our girl makes me feel guilty for not talking about Geddy. Haha, I am crazy, it's fine.

Lastly, we had a name picked out for both genders before we knew the gender. That's just how Chad and I do things. Haha. And I have contemplated telling people what her name is or if I would rather wait until she arrives but we have already told a lot of family and close friends so, why not announce it.

Her name will be (drum roll please):

Scout Ivy de Lisle 

Scout is after the little girl in "To Kill a Mocking Bird". Chad and I both love literature and that book is obviously amazing.

Ivy is after my Father's Mother. I never met her and didn't get to know her personally but I know she was a wonderful writer and creator and was loving and kind.

And one of the first things I bought for her was a pair of Moccs that she will get for Christmas!

So yeah, there you have it. We are having a baby girl and I feel so blessed to be able to be a Mother again. It's such an incredible journey and it's scary, hard, and joyous all at once.

Happy Thursday!


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Ally said...

Love the name!!!! And love the moccs too :) super cute.