You Happy?

This post is just an iPhone dump. Let's be real about it.

But I do feel like it allows me to update our life in a quick way.

Geddy has been all about Dinosaurs lately. He still loves his cars but scary dinosaurs or dragons are his jam. His favorite thing to do is have them "fight" each other. It's super cute to watch.

Sometimes, Geddy wants to hold my hand. And it's my favorite thing. This was one of those times where he wanted to hold hands while he watched a show. I finally thought to take a picture of it because I never want to forget it.

Geddy has also started this new thing where he will say "Mom! You happy?". It's the cutest thing. Or if he sees me crying (which happens from time to time. HORMONES) he will say "you sad, Mama?". It's very endearing and makes me melt. Although, he has started asking if I am happy when he is in trouble as a distraction. And it's a pretty dang good distraction, I must say. Ha!

Lady Pup is 100% sass, all the time. That's all that needs to be said.

This is me taking a look away selfie. "What are you lookin' at Hil?". I don't even know.

While out for a walk the other day, Geddy saw a random bike laying on the grass and sat down next to it and explored it a bit. 

This was a 19 week baby bump. Feelin' a little chub but it's all good.

Happy Saturday!


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