24 Weeks and Lately

I am totally behind on posting this but here I was at 24 weeks! I am currently 25 weeks but it's all good. We had a doctor appointment just last week and everything looks really good. Oh and remember how I lost weight during this pregnancy. Well don't you fear, I am now gaining plenty :).

This little girl is kicking like CRAZY. She kicks and moves so much more than her brother ever did. I wonder what she will be like. Only other big thing to note this week is the fact that my bellybutton is BARELY hanging on. While pregnant with Geddy, my bellybutton stayed an "inny" which I was so relieved about because the "outy" bellybuttons weird me out. But this time around, my bellybutton has no hope. It's already almost popped out. Nooooo! J/K, it's not a big deal.

Geddy wanted to participate in the picture. He mostly wanted me to sit down with him (as you can see below, he's telling me to sit). Also, you get to see my sexy black socks. Ha! I was wearing boots that day and didn't plan on showing a head to toe pic. Oh well.

"Sit down, Mama."

So, here is a quick update just about me and what I've been doing. I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought it would be good.

Reading: I've actually been reading quite a lot lately. Chad and I have been reading every night together. We just finished the Hobbit in December and are getting close to finishing The Fellowship of the Ring. It's been so fun. We climb in bed and before we turn out the lights we read for a bit. My favorite thing is feeling the baby kick while Chad reads aloud. She kicks at the same time every night. I never want to forget that. It's so special. I am also reading Tina Fey's Bossy Pants on my own. It's a real kick. I absolutely adore Tina Fey, in case you didn't know.

Watching: I was watching a dumb amount of 16 and Pregnant. Man, that show is scary. Haha but I will say that it makes me SO unconditionally grateful for my amazing husband. So many of those teen Father's are just trouble. Yikes. It does make me feel like I have my stuff together (which isn't necessarily true), that is for sure. We have also been watching some Seinfeld which is just amazing all the time.

Thinking About: Geddy. I think about him all the time. I worry about him and am proud of him. Just lots of Mama thoughts, ya know? Also, thinking about how much we need to do before the baby gets here in April. Today I realized that I was 6 months pregnant and was shocked. Crap! We have stuff to do! Also, I am planning on trying to do a VBAC with this baby and I have this fear that I will be so out of shape that I won't be able to push her out. Hahaha, you maybe didn't want to know that but it's a concern. Also afraid of breastfeeding again. I hope it comes easier for us this time. But we'll just do our best!

I have been considering writing down some resolutions but I don't want to call them that. I feel like when they are resolutions, I never fulfill them. I want to focus more on "goals". Particularly creating a cleaning weekly schedule. We have a tidy home but I need to work on like dusting stuff and vacuuming. Oye, I hate vacuuming.

Eating: On Saturday, while playing DND, we had Queso and Chips and I have been obsessed with it. I made Chad get some for me at like 11 at night the other day. Haha. You're a good man, Chad. But on a healthier note, I have been enjoying salads for lunch. With apple and cheese and a little lunch meat. It's been good. Also, cottage cheese with fruit in it and whole wheat English Muffins and yogurt and strawberries on cereal. I try not to eat complete garbage. And have done pretty good.

Loving: Feeling this baby girl kick. This pregnancy has been hard but feeling those movements have been just as sweet as the first pregnancy. Baby kicks are a glorious and beautiful thing. The cooler weather. I am hot 90% of the time and the cooler weather is very lovely. Today it rained the entire day and it was so glorious. I've been loving how much reading that has been happening in our house over the past few weeks. We've been reading more with Geddy and Chad has been reading like crazy and so have I. It just feels good. I feel like I can hear our brains growing. Haha, sounds weird, I know.

I have also been loving how much better I have been feeling. Sleep is getting tricky and my right hip and buttock cramp a bit at night, otherwise, I feel good. It's about time too!  We are really happy. Things are never perfect but they're still great, ya know? That's just how life goes.

Happy Tuesday!


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