A 3 Year Old Boy

Our wondrous Little Dude turned 3 on Saturday. How to I express how obsessed I am with him? Like, I can't even find the words for it. He is just so fantastic and unique and vibrant. I use Vibrant to describe Geddy often because it just fits him. 

This pregnancy has made me melt like butter for this boy of mine. I have this whole thing of "I don't think I could love another child as much as I love Geddy", which I know is totally not true and that your heart just doubles in size with each child but that just explains how awesome I think this kid is. I am wrapped around his little finger.

So, I took some pictures of him in some of his Sunday Best when we had just gotten home from church. He was TOTALLY over it from the get go. You can tell that he is thinking "Mom, this is dumb" but I just kept pushing it. Imagine all the 3 year old eye rolls that you can and that was exactly how many we had. Funny kid.

Let's discuss what Geddy is like at age 3, shall we?

Loves: Geddy loves life. He is such a morning person and yells "Open Door, Mama!" every morning. We don't lock his door or anything but he is incredibly respectful and stays in his room until we let him out or tell him that he can open the door. We never trained him to do this but he just has that boundary set. It's bizarre but great. He sleeps 12 hours at night and laughs in the face of naps. Seriously, we haven't had consistent naps for 6 months now.

He loves his Daddy and Mama as well as babies. He LOVES and adores all babies which is a big relief considering he will be living with one in about 5 short months. He loves dinosaurs and all things scary. Vampires and black cats and monsters and playing hide and seek and playing in the dark. During Halloween, his favorite movie was The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know, it's strange, I may have a kinda creepy kid but I love that about him.

Geddy has found a new and passionate love for Dinosaurs and Robots and Dragons and things that can fight each other. He has started pretending more and more. As far as movies go, he loves My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

Every Sunday, Geddy goes to Nursery and loves every minute of it. He doesn't even seem phased that we drop him off by himself. The teachers talk about how polite he is which I honestly don't take any credit for, that is something that has come pretty naturally. Although we are certainly still learning to share. We are far from experts in this stage. Haha.

We still try to read to Geddy every day. And he still really loves it. He has become particularly fond of  Pop Up Books which is still risky because he will damage them if left alone. So, we keep the pop up books that we have (which isn't a ton) up high so he can only get to them when supervised.

I would describe Geddy as a picky eater. There are days where I swear he lives on fruit snacks and crackers. Ahhhh, I do all that I can to sneak in veggies and fruit but he has wised up a ton and can spot them every time. *Sigh*. One thing he does love is Ketchup! So, if I douse his meat (like all natural chicken nuggets or maybe a little pot roast) in ketchup, he might eat some of it. Which is a big victory. What I can't figure out is how is he still growing while being a bit of a poor eater? It baffles me. Luckily, he does love yogurt BUT it can't have ANY fruit chunks in it. He will immediately push it away if he spots anything suspect. Geddy also enjoys candy, like all children and chocolate chips. So, there's that.

We are so incredibly lucky to have all his Grandparents so close and incredibly involved in Geddy's life. It's such a massive blessing. He gets SO excited when we tell him that he is going to see any of his Grandparents and they are all so incredible with him. That is a definite love.

Here we are refusing to stand up and ignoring Mama.
A sudden smile!

Hates: When Geddy gets hurt, he goes into an instant rage. It's pretty shocking, haha. Chad is one of the most kind and loving individuals but as a child, he had a real temper. Geddy seems to have gotten a little bit of that temper because it comes out when he is injured. So, when we have one of those moments, it's best to just give him a sec so he can "work it out" and then address the situation. It's cute though because once he feels better he'll look at me so happy and say "All better!".

Bananas. Geddy hates bananas. He used to eat them like a champ but if I try to hide them in anything (like cutting them in TINY pieces and mixing them in yogurt or on a PB and J sandwich) he will NOT eat it. I wonder if he maybe got worn out of the same flavor after eating so many before?

Any vegetable. He basically doesn't eat any. I know, parent of the year over here. Any tips?!

Dirty hands. This is new. Our boy has never really been sensitive to cleanliness but lately he gets really annoyed if his hands have food on them, like ketchup or yogurt or peanut butter. So, we do a lot of hand wiping. And he won't do it himself because he can't quite get them as clean as he would like them to be on his own. So, he'll say "wash a hans!" frantically.

Daddy is definitely one of Geddy's best friends and favorite people. But when Daddy stops playing (after wrestling and playing hide and seek and being awesome for a long time) Geddy gets so upset. He feels like Daddy should play 24/7 which is clearly not realistic so we are working on that. Ya know, just letting him know that Daddy needs to take a break and he needs to be okay with that.

When Mama and Daddy are talking to each other or someone else. Because little dude is currently an only child, he gets a lot of attention. That means, when I am distracted or talking to someone else or his Dad, he will demand my attention for no reason. "Mama, mama, mama, mama!" and then I will address him slightly bothered and he will scramble for something and say "You happy, Mama?", which is actually adorable but clearly a tactic to just get my focus and attention. Clever boy.

And this is what I get when I tell him to say "Cheese". Haha. 

Though this post is not eloquently written, I really love my Geddy. He has been my single focus for the last 3 years and I have learned so much from being around him all this time. He is my best little buddy and I am grateful that I have so much more time with him being home. I am also grateful that he gets to have a little sister. She is lucky to have such a loving brother waiting for her on Earth.

Geddy, you will do great things in your life. You show unconditional love and forgiveness daily and are growing and learning so much. Please know how much I love my one on on time with you. And although you will have a sibling soon, you are still my one and only Geddy and I will love you forever.

Because you're my Little Dude.

Happy Sunday,


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