Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

So, tonight, Chad and Geddy are having a special boys night out at their best friends' house. They will play and get treats and be cool Dads. It's special really and that means this Mama gets a night all to herself. What do I choose to do with my night? I am currently watching Seinfeld, drinking a Slurpee (Coke, of course), devouring a Rice Crispy Treat, and blogging. Super Healthy I know. I may even paint my toes later (if I can bend that far).

As of right now, I am thinking "this ain't bad..." but I know in no time, I will be missing my guys way too much and wishing they were home. It's funny how that works, sometimes as a Mom you wish you could just get a little break and then once you get it, you wish that your little boy was crawling on you like a jungle gym again. Ha!

Anyway! Let's talk decor, shall we?

I know that I have mentioned my shyness of dressing/decorating a room for a little girl. I got so comfortable doing boy stuff that I am now kind of in a new realm, in a way.

I know what I like and I realize it's more eclectic, different, and people may hate it. And that's totally cool, to each their own, right? I also know what I don't like. I am not into the overly frilly, too feminine, girly stuff (in both clothes and design).

So, once I found out that this baby was in fact a girl, I hit the ground running looking for inspiration. I started off by going to Pinterest and searching for "Baby Girl Nursery". The overwhelming feeling crept back in as I didn't see anything that I was terribly fond of.

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can obviously search for all different styles. I tried "tomboy nurseries" and still no success because it just wasn't quite right. Then, the other day, Smallfry did a post entitled Minimal Nurseries and it was like a lightbulb went off. I prefer simplistic, peaceful, clean looking nurseries. Per usual, I love white walls with good splashes of color and fun, eclectic, interesting decor (pictures, pillows, furniture).

I also looked up "Eclectic Nurseries" and found a few more rooms that I really liked on Pinterest. So let me show you what I am thinking (because I know you all worry about it...not really).

First off, I l love these couple of rooms because they look bright and clean. I love white walls and white furniture. Partially because it keeps small apartment bedrooms (like ours) look more spacious and bright. Funny enough, our walls are a nude color which is not my favorite but I would rather die than paint them. Ha!

I also adore the bright and random punches of color. You'll notice that some of them don't really even have specific color schemes which I appreciate. Although it can be really cute, it's kinda nice to not be tied down by only using specific colors.

Via. Those white lockers! Such a cool find. I would love lockers in a room.
Via. I particularly like the curtains and green tassels.
Via. Great rug.
Via. Using cute toys as decoration.
The following pictures are here because they have great decor and pillows. As I mentioned before, they don't seem to have strict color schemes yet all the decor tends to just "go". The items fit together and are eclectic and unique and charming. Super cute.

Found on Pinterest.  SO CUTE.
Via. Those pillows!
Via. Again, cutest pillows in all the land. 

I loved these wire baskets. Great for books and different from the bookshelves we already have. I would love to find something like these. Anyone seen anything like them?


Now to conclude, let's do talk about colors. Obviously, my walls are very neutral being a nude shade and all. That means I do want to have some definite color "popidge" (you better believe I made that word up). Right before Christmas, after we found out the gender, Chad and I took the plunge and bought a rug for the baby's room that we both LOVED. It's from UrbanOutfitters.com and it's bright and busy and bold. I saw a lot of baby rooms that were super pastel and subtle which are nice, however, I wanted to think kind of outside the box. I love the red, pinks, and golden rod colors together. It's nice because it includes those more feminine shades but not in a super frilly way. Really great.

And there are also those awesome baby sheets. Now, there is no way that I will be spending $65 on baby sheets (my own sheets cost no more than $15, thank you Walmart) but the colors are what I liked. Nice grays, coral, and that mustardy brown/yellow shade are pretty great. These are the kind of colors that we are going for but it's nice because I could also use teals and navy colors just as well because the rug has them all! Booya! And don't get me wrong, I love feminine shades. Pinks, purples, reds, they are lovely. I think I am just particular about how they are used. Does that make sense?

I am probably just crazy :)

Via. Our Rug!

There you have it! Those are the rooms that I find inspiring and want to mimic when doing our own nursery decor. It's fun, it's been more of a challenge than Geddy's was but who doesn't appreciate a little challenge?
It's also been neat because Chad really does care about how it looks like. It's great turning to him and asking what he thinks and there are a few things that he has requested hang in her room (like quotes and pictures). It's fun having a partner who cares about that stuff. 

Happy Friday!


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