Christmas 2014 (Second Half)

Here is our finished lego set. It was way too much fun. We got a little lego obsessed this year. My sister also sent me a Hobbit lego set for my Birthday because she realizes that her little sister is more like a pre-teen boy than a woman. Haha, seriously though, it was a perfect gift and we loved putting it together as well!

This year was the first year that we have been home on Christmas morning. It's always been something that I have wanted but all the years prior we were staying somewhere else and with wonderful family (which was still a treat). But there was something so special about being home and setting up Christmas for Geddy. Chad and I have been trying to find balance with family time and our own traditions and this year was a good start.

 So, we got everything all set up after Geddy went to bed on Christmas Eve. It was so fun being like little elves. We knew that we wanted to set up some of his toys so that he could be really "wowed" when he came in the room. So, we set up his Brio train track (he got an expansion pack with a new train for Christmas) around a new Fisher Price Farm that he got. It looked pretty snazzy. Here is a crap load of pictures of our Christmas set up. 

We borrowed a fake Christmas Tree from Chad's Mama. I never grew up with live trees so I don't get the hype of having to clean up pine needles plus Chad is sensitive about killing a tree just to let it sit in our living room and die after a few weeks. So, we are fake tree people all the way. I have a few ornaments packed away somewhere. We haven't had room for a Christmas tree the last several years so this is the first time in forever. But we just decorated it with silver bells and Christmas lights. It was simple but lovely. I actually like it pretty well. Honestly, it was just nice to have a tree this year.

All the presents set up. 
A new toy for our lady Pup. She also got a brand new cuddly blanket and some bones. 
Scout's first Christmas present. 

Here is how we set up his train track and barn. We were very pleased with how it turned out. 

The new train for his track. 
Some guys for his new farm house. 
Our stockings. You would assume the little one is for Scout but it was actually for our dog. Haha. 

Because we were SO excited to be home on Christmas Day, we filmed Geddy waking up and seeing the presents for the first time. I must say that children make Christmas Morning more fun. And I loved that Geddy is at an age where he really got into it.

For my Birthday, I got a new camera lens and I am still figuring out how to use it. You may notice that some of the pics look different and thats because I have been testing it out. Here are a million pictures of our boy on Christmas Morn. As usual, Geddy wanted a picture taken of every single toy.

Saying "Cheese!"
This is one of my favorites.  
Lady Pup with her new nice blanket. She loves it.  
With her new bunny too. 

Did I mention that Geddy woke up at 6:00am on Christmas? He didn't really know what the next day was going to bring but apparently, he could feel the energy in the air because he woke up WAYYYY too early. So after presents, Chad was super kind and let me nap for a little bit because I need so much sleep these days. After I woke up, Chad made us some bangin' Orange Rolls and hot chocolate and we sat around the table and ate them. Then we got to talk to Aj (Chad's Brother) who is in Uganda serving a mission. That was especially nice. 

After we ate way too many Orange Rolls, we quickly got ready for the day so we could head over to my parents' house for Christmas dinner! It was about 2:00 in the afternoon at this point and Geddy (who woke up WAY too early) was already getting grumpy. 

We had a delicious Ham and Turkey dinner with yummy cookies and cupcakes for dessert. It was all fantastic. Right after dinner we did white elephant gifts and then just relaxed and talked while the kids played. Geddy was real temperamental. He can sometimes gets overwhelmed when there is too much going on, especially when tired. So we stayed as long as he would allow and honestly, it was a good several hours which was very lovely indeed. 

My Mom was super cute and made every single person in the family knitted beanies and gloves. Do you know how many people that is? A LOT. It was such a sweet gift, my parents are wonderful, loving people and this Holiday certainly reminded me of that. 

My Mom and Dad. 

I tried my best to get a few pictures of different people but was all together very tired this day so my efforts were slightly lacking. Also, side note, you can see in the pic below just how snowy it was that day. We haven't gotten any snow and then it dumped on us on Christmas Day. It was quite lovely indeed. Totally a Christmas miracle. It snowed almost the entire day.

A bunch of people packed into Ryan's room (my teenaged nephew) to watch him play video games. 

Geddy got so grumpy at one point that I took him downstairs to decompress and play with some toys for a bit. He loves the Barbie houses at my Mom's house. So, here he is just quietly playing. Funny boy.

Our Christmas this year was one of our bests. It was truly delightful. By the end of Christmas day, we were completely pooped from all the fun festivities.

Our New Years was also wonderful. I took zero pictures but we got together with friends and ate delicious Shepard's Pie and Cheesecake (thank you Zach and Cherry!) and slept at Chad's Mom's Cabin (thank you Glenna!). Sadly, I rang in the New Year with a stupid head cold. Ugh, being sick while pregnant is super lame because you can't really take any meds that help at all. Boo.

But this year was a great one for our family. I am grateful for the Christmas Holiday and what it represents. Also, Happy New Year!

Happy Friday!


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