Geddy's Birthday Celebration (A Mega Post)

We had to put up the Birthday Banner the night before so he would see it the next morning!

Geddy's Birthday fell on a Saturday which was great because we wanted to do a day of family fun! Chad and I thought long and hard about what we wanted to do. Should we throw a party with a bunch of people? Go sledding? There were lots of ideas thrown around but we decided to go to the Bean Museum at BYU. 

Geddy is actually fake crying in this picture. He was a bit overwhelmed by the fun. 

That may seem like an odd thing to do but Geddy really appreciates animals, especially impressively large, scary, ones. I knew that they had redone the building and exhibit since I went as a child so we figured we would give it a go. 

I must say, it was a massive success. He loved it. Completely in awe, he ran from animal to animal screaming their name "bear! bear!". There was also a little play area where they had a cute little tree slide and small cave that the kid's could crawl through. Geddy isn't usually a slide guy but he did see many other kids doing it so he climbed up the little tree stairs and sat down. He refused to actually go down with out holding my hand so I helped him each time. It was cute. He also crawled through the rock cave (which I am sure the ground was covered with germs but, you're only 3 once!) and peeked out the other side. We were there for a good hour or so and he really loved it. 

At first, he was so excited that I couldn't get a single picture. They were all of his back side or with his head turned away, just like these two:

Chad and I were both surprised by the number of "set ups" where it showed animals attacking other animals. And don't get me wrong, it's a natural thing for animals to do but we found it interesting how many they showcased in such a way. There was one in particular that alarmed Geddy. It was a bear attacking a moose (which I thought was pretty bold of a bear to do). The moose had a few minor "owies" but Geddy was pretty concerned about that. So we had to keep going back to that one. Once Geddy stopped moving frantically from animal to animal, I was finally able to take some pictures. He wanted me to take a "cheese" (aka picture) with him and every animal. Funniest fellow, he is. 

Pointing at the "owies" on the Moose.
A very pregnant Mama and her boy in front of the Moose attacking Bear.

Per Geddy's usual, he got really overwhelmed from all the excitement and had a mini meltdown near the end when he wanted to go on the elevator but we didn't want him to. Regardless, it was the kid's Birthday so we got on the (extremely spacious) Elevator.  

So overwhelmed with fun.
This elevator was HUGE inside.

There was one lion in particular that I thought was hysterical. Like, shaking with laughter because I honestly thought it was wearing a wig. Then I realized that it was probably a "teenaged" male tiger so it's mane hadn't grown in yet. Doesn't it look like some punk teenager who is experimenting with hair styles. Amazing. Chad and I still laugh about it.  

Close up. Check out that hair. 

After the museum, we went to Barnes and Noble (a family favorite). Geddy got a free cookie or cupcake that day because it was his Birthday. However, he was completely uninterested in the giant s'mores cookie so...his Mother had to eat all of it (and it was dang tasty). He played with the trains for a good while and we picked out a new book for him to take home for his Birthday. 

We were planning on taking him to lunch (with a McDonald's playland involved) but he was so emotionally charged and overly stimulated by that point that we just picked up lunch and took it home. Geddy gets that way kind of easily. He will do so much fun stuff that he gets kind of upset or tired really easily. Is this normal? I would love to hear people's thoughts. 

We went home, had some lunch and put on one of his favorite movies while his Mama wrapped presents in the other room and Daddy cleaned up our disaster of an apartment. At about 4:00 we did presents! Because Geddy got SO much fun stuff for Christmas (like WAY too much stuff) we went more modest for his Birthday. We decided to get him this really awesome Melissa and Doug wooden castle that was super cool as his big gift and then just two books as the other gifts. It was actually the perfect amount, I think.

So excited about his presents. That face!
Checking out one of his books. A new pop up book!

And the castle was a hit! Chad kept saying how much he would have loved it as a kid and we feel like it's a toy that can work for several different ages of childhood which is always nice. It was so cute to see him and Daddy get down on the ground and play with guys and pretend. I really want to encourage that creativity the best that I can. I think it crucial to a happy childhood.

His new castle!

After we stayed home for a bit, we packed up and headed to see a bunch of our best friends. Because we didn't do a big party for Geddy, I wanted him to have a chance to see some friends so we brought the cake (which I will talk about in a minute) over to Zach and Cherry's house where we got together with our wonderful friends who are straight family to us. It's amazing because Zach and Cherry have Winston who is only 10 months younger than Geddy and they have become fast best friends forever. Plus, Geddy loves Avett (Winston's little brother) who is almost 1 and is cute as a button. Plus again, Winston calls me "Uncle Hilary" so, that's amazing.

That cake. Pregnancy Cravings. Enough said. 

Now, about the cake. Sometimes, when you are 6 months pregnant and you already love cake but you want a specific kind of cake, you use your Son's Birthday as an excuse. Yep, we bought an ENTIRE Costco Sheet Cake purely so I could eat it. Hahah, I mean, I brought it for everyone to eat but I wanted THAT cake. Best part about it? Geddy didn't eat any of it. He was too distracted by the awesome squishy Frog and Lizard that Winston gave him for his Birthday (seriously Zach and Cherry, Geddy LOVES them both). 

Geddy tried really hard to blow out the candles but they barely moved when he blew, apparently he doesn't have the best lungs? But Daddy helped and he was so excited and there was Birthday singing and all things wonderful. I was so glad that we were able to do the cake with loving friends, they're the best.   

Trying to blow out the candles.
...still trying. 
Winston and Geddy enjoying cake (even though Geddy wouldn't eat it). 
Asking for a picture of him and his new frog (thanks Winston!). 

After cake and chatting for a bit, we put all the children down for the night and the adults played Dungeons and Dragons (which is always a good thing). Even though the day was a little more low key, it was still so special. And I love that we spent it as a family and got to celebrate our magnificent Little Dude!

Happy Monday!



Chad said...

This was such a perfect day-- I'll never forget it. I was so happy that he had a dinosaur cake on his third birthday just like I did when I turned three. its a rite of passage!

Laurel West said...

I get exhausted too when I have had a day full of fun! It sounds like from the start to the finish, this kid had a really great birthday full of his fav things :)