This and That (iPhone Dump)

On Christmas Day, we got to talk to Chad's Brother, Aj, who is on a mission in Uganda. Sometimes, when we focus on something other than Geddy, he has a hard time and acts out so we pulled up an Elmo App on the iPad and put on some headphones and he was as happy as a clam for a good while. He is such a cutie.

Somedays, my fingers will be a little bit swollen from the pregnancy and it makes it hard to wear both my wedding rings so I usually just go with the thin diamond one. But for Christmas I got this ring with mine and Chad's initials and it's nice and thin and fits very comfortably. I really love it.

Here is a 23 week baby bump! This little girl is kicking LIKE CRAZY. She moves a lot more than her older brother did. It's easily one of my all time favorite things in life. Those little nudges and sometimes stabs to the bladder are a beautiful reminder of what is happening. Chad felt her kick for the first time this last week. Geddy will kiss my tummy and say "Baby Scout!" and it makes my heart explode. This pregnancy has made me so tender for Geddy, having children is such an overwhelming experience. It's hard and wonderful and divine. Gah, it's awesome.


After the Christmas Holiday, Chad and I were able to sneak away on a couple of dates. It was nice and relaxing. We were even able to make it up to our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Salt Lake, Red Iguana. Easily the best Mexican food I have ever had. Soooo tasty. And Chad is so kind. I have been a bit more self conscious about my figure this pregnancy. I feel more swollen and lumpy, haha. We were taking pictures of us together and I was saying that my face always looks bigger than his (it's pregnancy crazies, don't worry) and so he said he was going to make his "biggest face". We took a few more. And as we were looking through them, he said "See, look! You can tell in my eyes that I am trying to make my big face." You're a good man, Chad. Totally made me laugh. 

For Christmas, Geddy got a couple new Miyazaki films (My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke, to by exact). We are huge fans of his movies and already own several that Geddy loves. He really enjoys Ponyo so we thought we would get him some more. The movies are super creative and teach awesome lessons, they're great for kids. Pictured above, is Geddy watching My Neighbor Totoro. You can tell he is completely enthralled and totally got into it. We were pleased, to say the least. Geddy is the best.

There are a few updates for everyone! Life is good, we had a great Holiday and are excited to get back to daily life. Chad is a bit nervous to start his new semester but school always comes with nervous jitters :)

Happy Monday!


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