25 and 28 Weeks Pregnant

He is so old now! Like a little teenager.
Heyyyyy! Wanted to do a quick pregnancy post and mini update. Things are going really good, I am officially 28 weeks pregnant, 3rd Trimester! Say what?!

I get asked often how I am feeling and I must say that I am feeling pretty dang awesome. The nausea has completely disappeared  (it officially ended at about 20 weeks this time around) and I feel more energy and the nesting stage is in full swing which is my favorite. This is the part of pregnancy that I really love. I am feeling this baby kick like mad and I am not SO huge that I can't move. It's a good stage.

25 weeks pregnant.
The only things that are sore are my lower back/right buttock which cramps up and becomes pretty painful if I am on my feet all day (like today) or when I sleep. It's tolerable now but I can tell that as I gain the weight this last trimester, it's gonna be pretty pesty. My feet also hurt after a long day, which is very normal for my pregnancies. Caffeine tastes delicious again which is kind of a bummer because I had the easiest time resisting it at the beginning of this pregnancy (because I was so ill) but now I crave it. So, I just let myself have it from time to time. Like I have to set specific days where I allow myself to have a Coke Slurpee. And you know what? It tastes delicious. Every. Dang. Time.  

This week, I have noticed a lot of really LOW kicks. Like shockingly low. They came out of nowhere. It feels like she has changed positions which it really may to early to actually have happen but who knows. I have my next Doctor's appt tomorrow morning. I am getting another Ultra Sound done to see if the placenta has moved up from my C-Section scar (which is what we want). If it hasn't than I have to see a specialist which would be kinda stressful. I just want so badly for this delivery to go mega smooth. But, I understand that I don't have control over that, I just gotta do my best!

This pregnancy has felt quite a bit different from my last. I remember really loving my entire pregnancy with Geddy. It was a lot easier in some ways but I DO feel like my body knows what it's doing better this time around than before. Although I feel a bit achy and sleeping is tricky, that is really normal for pregnancy in general, I feel like it's more familiar and natural and my body knows how to respond a bit better. I have also mentioned before how bad my anxiety was in my 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy. It was really challenging. This time around, my anxiety has been a lot more contained. I am still on my medication and am incredibly thankful for it. It's helped me immensely. I do have moments of weepiness, where I will start crying at the drop of the hat but it's not necessarily due to anxiety and more to just pregnancy hormones. Luckily, Chad is remarkably understanding. Poor husbands. Haha. 

28 Weeks Pregnant!
I am also more comfortable because I too have done this before. Sure, there are always the unknowns and having a newborn again is terrifying, it's just less stressful. But, ask me that again in a few weeks and I'll probably be shaking in my boots because it will be happening so soon. But currently, I feel fairly confident and possibly capable. Ha! 

And the nesting. Oh how I love the nesting. I write lists and lists and lists of things I want to get done before this little one arrives. Chad has been Mr. Fix It by moving heavy boxes and furniture to fixing laundry doors and picking up dollhouses, fixing bookshelves, and moving things to and fro. We have made so much wonderful progress in just dejunking and making SPACE for this little lady. I could not do it without him. He has blown me away. He can tell that I am nesting and wants to help in any way he can. Bless you, good sir! 

I had a giftcard from Christmas and took some of it to buy the baby some clothes (because we had nothing). And I must say I wasn't completely overwhelmed! In fact I very much enjoyed looking at little girl clothes and got some really cute items. It's been very fun. I have been washing onesies and swaddling blankets and boppy pillows (some items from Geddy when he was a baby. Gender neutral items) and it's been so satisfying. 

Playin' with Dad at the park.
And that about does it. We are already here and only have about 3 months left. It has gone by SO fast. And I am loving it. I say this now because give me a few weeks and I may be a bit miserable (hello walrus waddling around). Got to enjoy it during the easier parts!

And included in this post are some other random pictures. Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. And one of THE most unflattering pictures of me and my squaty pregnant torso but it cracked me up because this perfectly depicts us during Sacrament meeting. Oh church with toddlers. Never a dull moment.

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