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This post is entirely thrown together with random thoughts. Who knows where they will go. Most of them are just updates of life lately and then who knows what else.

First of all, I hope you all heard about how wonderful our appointment went last Friday with the specialist. She was this AMAZING doctor (seriously, I would have happily trusted her with any emergency or high risk pregnancy, Girlfriend had it together). From the get go I was nervous. Chad was so sweet and trying to make me laugh and keep things positive but I had completely lost my personality and just kept sweating and sweating because I was so nervous. And I was so warm, like I could not cool off. Baby be like an oven, ya know? Well, the nurse took us back and did a complete full ultra sound where they check EVERYTHING. I already had this done at 20 weeks but because it was a new office, they wanted to do it again. And frankly, I was totally up for that because better safe than sorry, right? So, the way the nurse did it was strange. She didn't talk very much and had a really hard time finding the things she needed to find (like the chambers of the heart because there was shadows from my ribs). But because she was so quiet, I was thinking the whole time "she found something", "something is wrong with the baby" while sweating and sweating and sweating (I am not a sweaty person until this day).

Turns out, she didn't find anything alarming at all. Baby looks great! She is measuring 4 days bigger than our due date which is fine. She has a great heartbeat and is still a girl! Then the doctor came in took over and made me feel so much better. Oh my goodness, she was just what I needed. Such a breath of fresh air. She showed us everything and took us into a deeper look of the placenta and C-Section scar. Turns out that there is only a very SMALL corner of the placenta that is even touching the scar. Now, there is no way of knowing if the placenta has grown into that scar until the baby is born but she feels incredibly confident that it won't be a problem. She thinks that 1) it's not grown into the scar or 2) if that tiny section had grown into the scar that it would resolve itself and come out on it's own anyway which would mean I would be keeping that wonderful Uterus of mine. Hurrah! She was really reassuring telling me that any risk is incredibly small and that she thinks I am good to go. She even encouraged me trying for a VBAC (vaginal delivery) like I wanted! Oh blessed be.

We felt so incredibly blessed. We know the Lord was with us. And we felt EVERYONE'S love and prayers. Seriously, the outpouring was incredible and I can't thank each of you enough. Thank you for caring and thank you for supporting us.

So, we will be moving forward with the original plan. My normal Doctor's will deliver the baby (like I had hoped) and I will be attempting a VBAC (oh my gosh, I hope I can do it). So, basically, it's a monstrous blessing.

The other day while Geddy was with Grandma Glenna, I found Bobbie laying in Geddy's room.
She secretly loves that kid. 

Today we had to go to the Pediatrician because we have noticed a strange rash on Geddy's back and chest. Oh weird skin conditions, you truly freak me out. I have stupidly sensitive skin and growing up, our Dermatologist was one of my favorite people. I experienced some pretty normal teenage acne but was always there for other weird rashes and things. So when I saw Geddy get these strange red tiny bumps, I felt immediately sorry for him having sensitive skin like his Mama. Sorry little dude. My bad!

So we went and had a "car visit" where we had to have the nurses and doctor come out to us while we waited in the car (I am guessing because of the whole measles outbreak thing, they want to make sure he doesn't have that and get other kids infected). But Geddy did awesome. He really loved having people fuss over him and was flattered by the Doctor's attention. The Doctor came to the conclusion that he has Pityriasis Rosea or the "Christmas Tree" rash (which is not nearly as charming as it sounds). Basically, it's not contagious and not an allergic reaction which I was really relieved to hear. He doesn't need meds or anything but it does take 4-6 weeks to go away. Bummer. The rash doesn't seem to be bothering me at all though, which is nice!

While we were there, I should have asked the Doctor how he felt about my adult acne that I have been rocking for the last week or two. It's ridiculous guys. In my third trimester with both my pregnancies I get crazy acne on my chin. And it stays until that baby is out of my body (at least it did last time). Haha, it looks angry and mean and than a day or two after the baby is out, it clears right up. Thanks hormones, you are really adding character to my face.

Chad and I are celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow and I am so excited. It's funny because we always celebrate V-Day at home by ordering food in and just hanging out with each other but it sounds so nice and relaxing and just what we need (we had a crazy week). We will be eating Indian Food and watching funny movies and then eating cookies. Yes please. And I used to think V-Day was such a dumb day until I had kids. Weird, yes? But I think it's nice to set a specific day aside to celebrate the love that you have for your significant other. Now I look forward to it. And Chad was so cute and helped Geddy make me a Valentines Day Card last night. It included hearts and horses and traces of Geddy's hand and feet (Geddy is REALLY into tracing his hands and feet these days). It made me smile SO big. I was very grateful for the thoughtful gesture from my boys.

Part of our crazy week: coming out of the grocery store to find a flat. This 7 month pregnant
lady was not about to change it. Luckily the spouse and his bff came to help. 

I am nearing the 30 week pregnancy mark in just a few days (which is completely insane!). We are all excited and completely baffled that this baby will arrive in approximately 10 weeks. Seriously, when did that happen? That is so soon. So I have been working on my list of things to do (which is long and extensive). I just finished stocking up on a few packs of diapers and wipes and have gotten sheets for the baby and have washed baby clothes. It's going well but the list seems to be never ending. And she keeps on getting closer to coming and bigger in my belly, I feel like we are in a race and I am worried I might lose! But, she has all the things that she absolutely needs like a place to sleep and a loving family waiting so we're technically good.

So, how about this Utah weather? Has it not been completely glorious? The most suspicious Utah Winter I have ever seen but I choose not to ask questions and just enjoy it. I will happily go outside in this 60 degree weather in February. Also, I bought some Black Birkenstock Sandals right at the end of Summer and thought "I won't even get a chance to wear these before Winter, lame". They have easily been one of the most worn shoes that I own because I wear them ALL the time. I have the lovely weather to thank for that and the fact that I am too lazy (and lumpy) to put on complicated shoes. Haha. Now you know how to be more like me, you're welcome.

So there is a little update for you.

Happy Thursday!


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