Another Update

So I haven't blogged in almost a month. Oh man, I am the worst. I am just so distracted by other things, it's crazy. But I thought I would do an iPhone Camera dump on here with a little update of how things are going. 

First of all, Geddy is amazing. Talking like crazy and singing and dancing and saying funny things that make me giggle when he isn't looking. He is seriously my best little buddy. My heart just bursts and I worry CONSTANTLY that I am failing him. I have been blessed with this precious, vibrant, spirit and I just think "don't mess this up, don't mess this up!". He is a wonderful boy, completely fantastic, including the tantrums and barbaric screams that come our way from time to time. What a joy he is. An absolute wonder. 

On Tuesday we are going to take a tour of a preschool, just he and I. I am nervous and feel nauseous even thinking about it because I can't fathom the idea of him leaving me for a few hours each week like that but he is so ready. SO ready. I just need to get my butt ready (I will be bringing tissues for the first day of class. Believe me). He is basically a big boy now. Not really a toddler (except for the tantrums) and certainly not a baby. Oh gosh, I could just go on and on about how much I love this kid. Instead, here are 3 pictures of him that are almost identical but different enough that I wanted all 3 on record. 

Chad's semester is going well. He is working his butt off and so busy and frankly, a bit stressed with school, work, being a stellar husband and father all while preparing to become a Father for the second time. I know many people probably think, wow, he has the crappy end of the stick in their situation but as of right now, it's what is working out for our family. He is busy and works so hard and I try to do my best to help in all ways that I can, doing as much of the home stuff as possible so that when he is home, it's spent with the people he loves. I try my darnedest to make home a haven for him so after he has worked so hard he has somewhere happy to come home to. It sounds like the motto of a 1950's housewife (which I am SO not, by the way) but I feel like it's something that I can do for him. 

Geddy at the Library while we waited for Daddy to finish his test. 

Let's be honest though, he comes home sometimes and there is a 3 year old yelling at Mom saying "no fair!" and a hormonal, pregnant lady who forgets to give him a welcome home kiss and hug because she is not all together doing so hot herself and he may wish he was back at work or school but I feel like those days are usually few and far between. It's all about team work. And, by golly, I have the BEST team that I could ask for.

Plus, Chad has the support of our Lady Pup who ADORES him. Oh my goodness it's annoying sometimes (not really, it's actually pretty dang cute). She follows him everywhere he goes. And when he studies at the kitchen table, you will find her laying on the ground at his feet. And when I try and be sweet and call her name she looks at me and doesn't budge. She is certainly loyal! 

A funny little picture below. Right after I made the bed and fluffled all our pillows (we have a crap load of pillows), Bobbie jumps up, tramples all of them and lies right in the middle of the furthest pillow. I caught her and asked her to hop off and she just stared at me like so. I giggled and left her be and that was where she spent a majority of her morning, sleeping in the soft daylight on the biggest pillow in the house. This dog. Who is she, seriously?

I spy our Lady Pup on the back pillow!

So, I am officially 33 weeks along! AHHHHH, this has FLOWN by. Holy crap, it's crazy. I have officially hit the exhausted and UBER hormonal phase. Oh my goodness, the hormones. I am sensitive and a bit worried and I can cry at the drop of a hat. I swear I can feel the hormones flooding through my veins. I feel like the hormones this time around has made me more weepy and moody where as with Geddy, I was more anxious. I think it has something to do with the fact that the baby is female and so the hormones are different? Does that sound like a real thing? Regardless, poor Chad. Seriously, POOR CHAD.

He has been SO patient and kind and loving and hasn't taken anything personal. I apologize to him often because I know that girlfriend ain't being herself. My actual anxiety has been pretty good, the medication still helps and I will admit that I expected SOME trouble with moodiness simply because my body is doing crazy pregnancy stuff. So, overall, I am doing well. Emotional and moody, yes. Sick with worry, not so much, which is good!

And then there is the exhaustion. I feel like this set in a bit earlier this time. It started right at the beginning of the 3rd trimester, like clockwork. I could sleep for a stretch of 12 hours and still take a nap in the afternoon. The trouble is that I am tossing and turning and getting up to pee all night, it's just tricky at this stage. Everything gets a tiny bit uncomfortable (or a lot) (but my body pillow has been a GOD SEND. I love it, it's name is Herman). And I will wake up and feel like I was riding a horse all night because my lady bits are so sore! But all I was doing was doing was laying down for several hours! It makes no sense. But then I figure it's my body preparing to have a baby come out that way (rather than a c-section?), or at least it is my hope. Regardless, it's uncomfortable and the waddling has become very real.

BUT the amazing thing about his phase? I feel this baby girl kick LIKE CRAZY. Oh my goodness, I never have to wonder if she is alive because she bumps and grooves like it's nobody's business. It's really strange actually because Geddy was not like this at all. I would worry about him all the time because he was much more quiet. But she is wild. It has been such a wonderful feeling, I have truly loved feeling all the movements.

Behold my dirty bedroom in the background! Me at 32 Weeks. 

In other, entirely unrelated, news: my gums are in so much discomfort right now. It's been a while since I flossed (I got out of the habit in my first trimester because the vomiting was a problem and sticking my fingers in my mouth with string was only making it worse) and so when I decided to really get in there today and clean out some beef that was stuck in my molar (tmi?) I was left with very swollen and sore gums all around. Boo. Not to self: start flossing daily again.

Geddy with two of his best buddies, Avett and Winston! We love these boys!

Lastly, we sold our couch! It was kind of a crazy, last minute, situation where my amazing Mother-in-law found a fantastic leather blend couch for us (we were wanting something that wasn't fabric because we feel like it will be easier to keep clean with children) and so we went almost a week with a big leather blend couch jammed in our dining room and our lovely, gray, couch sitting in our living room so that people could come and look at it. We just posted an add on KSL. It was great, we were able to get a bit of cash for it and we moved in our new couch just yesterday. It is so comfy and feels luxurious and new to me (even though it too was preowned but barely used). I will post pictures of it someday. Haha, I need to do a better job of updating this blog but life is just happening and I am trying to go with the flow of things. I am happier when I live that way.

(Thanks so much Glenna!)

An awesome picture of Geddy with Grandpa Warren!

Lastly, Chad and I are still reading The Two Towers each night before bed and have started watching X-Files again. That show, you guys. I am such a fan. We picked up where we left off last year and just started season 5 and are going strong. I want to believe! And Mulder and Scully. They are just so freaking awesome. And their friendship is equally wonderful and confusing (could there be something more between them? Who knows!). It's just good and we love it.

Okay, that's all.

Happy Late Sunday Night!



Chad said...

You don't give yourself enough credit. You're amazing and I love you, you are NEVER a burden-- I couldn't do what I'm doing without you.

Haley said...

That picture with Geddy and Warren is adorable. He is just looking at Warren with such adoration! And X-Files? Man, I haven't seen that show since I was in elementary school. It's always fun to relive past shows. Love you!