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Cookie dust and glasses at the store. 

This week was brutal. Poor Chad started feeling some jaw pain on Friday (last week). He thought maybe he had been clenching his teeth while he was sleeping so, he didn't really sweat it. It progressed and got more uncomfortable until Sunday Morning at 4am when he was in so much pain that he had to drive himself to the ER (Geddy was asleep and Chad didn't want us to wake him). It was so extremely sad sending him to the ER by himself. Especially because Chad really dislikes hospitals, they make him nervous and feel sick, it's just not his favorite place.

They gave him some pain meds and an antibiotic because they assumed that it was something with an infection in one of his molars. In hopes that the antibiotic would clear it up, we waited a day before calling the dentist but because it persisted, we contacted a new Dentist (because we really disliked our old Dentist) and had him take a look at it on Monday. Turns out that he has an infection in his jaw bone from an old root canal.

Even the pain meds they gave him didn't take away the pain away completely. It was terrible to see him in so much pain. The dentist referred us to an Endodontist and the soonest we could get him in was on Wednesday morning. We all went to the appointment and it lasted for what felt like ETERNITY. The office was really really WARM. Now, being pregnant and already easily overheated as a part of who I am, I was dying. I thought I was uncomfortable, poor Chad had his mouth worked on for 2 full hours. He said it was the worst dental experience he's ever had, not because of the Doctor (he really like the Doctor) but because it was painful and his already incredibly sore jaw had to be open for 2 hours straight plus they had to pull out old posts. AND he too thought it was WAY too hot for comfort.

Worst of all, he has to go back this Wed to finish the process. They drill through the tooth and basically have to clean and medicate the infected area (roots/jaw). Imagine 2 hours of that. So, yeah, he is still on the mend. I wish I could say that I was the perfect support this week but we all had our moments where we were snappy at each other and being 8+ month pregnant, I am overly sensitive and emotional and frankly, just HUGE. Haha, I am tired but I tried my BEST to be super supportive/comforting. And in the end, we can all admit how much we still love each other.

I am desperate for things to get back to normal. And so is Chad, of course. He and I are both creatures of habit so when things get crazy, we all get out of whack.

Sleeping at Dad's dentist appointment. 

Geddy NEVER naps anymore so this picture is capturing something so rare and sweet. Geddy napped on my lap for a good 30 minutes. He was all sweaty and cuddly and I was totally happy to have him close like that again. And look at those lips! They kill me.

On Wednesday, after Chad's brutal Dentist appointment, I ran Geddy to get his haircut. The poor kid was going nuts with hair in his eyes. It's funny, I never realize how bad he needs a haircut until after he gets one and then I think "Wow! Why didn't I do this sooner?" Seriously he would get so frustrated with his bangs in his face. Anywho, he LOVED getting it done. The salon has all these awesome toys and fun seats for kids and he was just completely pumped. He chose the Hippo to sit on this time and giggled while the clippers buzzed by his ears. This boy is amazing. He truly is. Then he chose a purple balloon and red sucker. He was truly happy with his experience.

And after!

And lastly, I snapped a picture of Geddy doing something JUST like his Daddy. Crossing his ankles. And it's not just the fact that he was doing it but the exact way he did just SCREAMED Chad and I loved it. Isn't it funny how these tiny little people have moments that are just like their parents. It's wonderful. I love seeing those little moments.

Crossed ankles like Dad. 

We also finally got our taxes filed. That is always a big relief and was stressing us out as well. I am relieved to have them done. We also had to figure out our new lease situation because we have now been in our apt for a year. These were both things that were going through my mind over and over and over. It's that kind of stuff that I can obsess over and it will drive me nuts. I think that all of that and then Chad's poor jaw this week has made me a crazy person. I am sure that I haven't been the most pleasant to be around.

With the baby coming so soon (like, SO soon), I wanted Chad to be sure to get in one more camping trip before our little lady makes her grand entrance. So he and two close buddies went down south to hike and camp for two nights. I was so worried that all this jaw/tooth problem would make it so he couldn't go but he was feeling well enough to. Which I am so glad, he deserves a big break. And once this baby shows up, he won't have a chance to for a bit.

That was our week. Hectic and stressful and exhausting but we are happy. I am grateful that this baby is still moving and kicking. She is doing really well, we had an OBGYN appt on Tuesday and blood pressure and her heartbeat look beautiful. Hurrah!

Happy Thursday!


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